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Python wrapper for all FamilySearch APIs

Project description

python-fs-stack provides a Python package that simplifies access to the FamilySearch REST-style API.

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  • Python 2.4 or later

  • simplejson, if using Python older than 2.6

  • wsgi_intercept 0.5.0 or later (only required to run test suite)


Using pip:

pip install python-fs-stack

or using easy_install (from setuptools or distribute):

easy_install python-fs-stack

or (after downloading manually):

python install

Example Usage

First, import the FamilySearch class:

from familysearch import FamilySearch

Authenticating with FamilySearch

python-fs-stack supports several ways of initiating a session with FamilySearch, including Basic Authentication, OAuth, and resuming a previous session.

Log in immediately with Basic Authentication:

fs = FamilySearch('ClientApp/1.0', 'developer_key', 'username', 'password')

Log in in a separate step with Basic Authentication:

fs = FamilySearch('ClientApp/1.0', 'developer_key')
fs.login('username', 'password')

Log in in two steps with Basic Authentication:

fs = FamilySearch('ClientApp/1.0', 'developer_key')
fs.authenticate('username', 'password')

Log in with OAuth:

import webbrowser
fs = FamilySearch('ClientApp/1.0', 'developer_key')
# [Enter username and password into browser window that opens]
verifier = [verifier from resulting web page]

Resume a previous session:

fs = FamilySearch('ClientApp/1.0', 'developer_key', session='session_id')

Use the production system instead of the reference system:

fs = FamilySearch('ClientApp/1.0', 'developer_key', base='')

Maintaining and Ending a Session

Keep the current session active:


Log out:


Accessing Family Tree Information

Print current user’s family tree details:

print fs.person()

To specify a person ID to retrieve, pass the ID as an argument:

print fs.person('ABCD-123')

To print multiple family tree entries, pass a list of IDs as an argument. To pass additional parameters to the API, simply pass them as named arguments:

print fs.person(['ABCD-123', 'EFGH-456'], events='all', children='all')

Print the latest version of a list of persons (this request is more lightweight than a full person request, so it supports more IDs at once):

for person in fs.version(['ABCD-123', 'EFGH-456']):
    print person['id'], person['version']

Print the contents of a persona:

print fs.persona('ABCD-123')

Print current user’s pedigree:

print fs.pedigree()

Format the pedigree output more nicely:

import pprint

Searching for Persons in the Family Tree

Search for a male named John Smith:

results ='John', familyName='Smith', gender='Male', maxResults=10)

Retrieve the second page of the previous search:

more_results =[0]['contextId'], maxResults=10, startIndex=10)

Search for an exact match for John Smith (use an options dict to specify options with periods in their names):

results ={'givenName.exact': 'John', 'familyName.exact': 'Smith'}, gender='Male', maxResults=10)

Searching for Possible Duplicates

Search for possible duplicates of a person:

matches = fs.match('ABCD-123')

Compute match score between two persons:

match = fs.match('ABCD-123', id='EFGH-456')

Search for possible duplicates matching specified parameters:

matches = fs.match(givenName='John', familyName='Smith', gender='Male', birthDate='1900', birthPlace='USA', deathDate='1950', deathPlace='USA')

Standardizing Places, Names, and Dates

Look up a place by name:

place ='paris')

Look up a place by ID:

place =

Look up a list of places by ID:

places =[5061509, 5061446])

Look up a place by name, showing only the most likely result, returning results in another locale:

place ='germany', filter=True, locale='de')

Standardize a name:

name ='John Smith')

Standardize a list of names:

names =['John Smith', 'Jane Doe'])

Standardize a date:

date ='1-1-11')

Standardize a list of dates:

dates =['1-1-11', 'december 31 1999'])

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