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Black plugin for the Python LSP Server

Project description


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Black plugin for the Python LSP Server.


In the same virtualenv as python-lsp-server:

pip install python-lsp-black


This plugin will disable the yapf and autopep8 plugins if installed.

  • python-lsp-black can either format an entire file or just the selected text.
  • The code will only be formatted if it is syntactically valid Python.
  • Text selections are treated as if they were a separate Python file. Unfortunately this means you can't format an indented block of code.
  • python-lsp-black will use your project's pyproject.toml if it has one.
  • python-lsp-black only officially supports the latest stable version of black. An effort is made to keep backwards-compatibility but older black versions will not be actively tested.
  • The plugin can cache the black configuration that applies to each Python file, this improves performance of the plugin. When configuration caching is enabled any changes to black's configuration will need the LSP server to be restarted. Configuration caching can be disabled with the cache_config option, see Configuration below.


The plugin follows python-lsp-server's configuration. These are the valid configuration keys:

  • boolean to enable/disable the plugin.
  • a boolean to enable black configuration caching (see Usage). false by default.
  • an integer that maps to black's max-line-length setting. Defaults to 88 (same as black's default). This can also be set through black's configuration files, which should be preferred for multi-user projects.
  • a boolean to enable or disable black's --preview setting. false by default.
  • a boolean to enable or disable black's --skip-string-normalization setting. false by default.
  • a boolean to enable or disable black's skip-magic-trailing-comma setting. false by default.


To install the project for development you need to specify the dev optional dependencies:

python -m venv .venv
. .venv/bin/activate
pip install -e .[dev]

This project uses pre-commit hooks to control code quality, install them to run automatically when creating a git commit, thus avoiding seeing errors when you create a pull request:

pre-commit install

To run tests:

make test

To run linters:

make lint  # just a shortcut to pre-commit run -a
make <linter_name>  # black, flake8, isort, mypy

To upgrade the version of the pre-commit hooks:

pre-commit autoupdate
# check and git commit changes to .pre-commit-config.yaml

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