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A python binding for mecab-ko

Project description


A python binding for mecab-ko


  • python3-dev
  • wget

prerequisites can be installed by the following:

python3 -m pip install python-dev-tools # pip3 install python-dev-tools
apt-get install wget # or brew install wget on macOS


Using pip:

# Use the -v option to check the progress of MeCab installation
pip install -v python-mecab-ko


import mecab
mecab = mecab.MeCab()

mecab.morphs('영등포구청역에 있는 맛집 좀 알려주세요.')
# ['영등포구청역', '에', '있', '는', '맛집', '좀', '알려', '주', '세요', '.']

mecab.nouns('우리나라에는 무릎 치료를 잘하는 정형외과가 없는가!')
# ['우리', '나라', '무릎', '치료', '정형외과']

mecab.pos('자연주의 쇼핑몰은 어떤 곳인가?')
# [('자연주의', 'NNG'), ('쇼핑몰', 'NNG'), ('은', 'JX'), ('어떤', 'MM'), ('곳', 'NNG'), ('인가', 'VCP+EF'), ('?', 'SF')]

mecab.parse('즐거운 하루 보내세요!')
# [
#     ('즐거운', Feature(
#         pos='VA+ETM', semantic=None, has_jongseong=True, reading='즐거운',
#         type='Inflect', start_pos='VA', end_pos='ETM',
#         expression='즐겁/VA/*+ᆫ/ETM/*')),
#     ('하루', Feature(
#         pos='NNG', semantic=None, has_jongseong=False, reading='하루',
#         type=None, start_pos=None, end_pos=None,
#         expression=None)),
#     ('보내', Feature(
#         pos='VV', semantic=None, has_jongseong=False, reading='보내',
#         type=None, start_pos=None, end_pos=None,
#         expression=None)),
#     ('세요', Feature(
#         pos='EP+EF', semantic=None, has_jongseong=False, reading='세요',
#         type='Inflect', start_pos='EP', end_pos='EF',
#         expression='시/EP/*+어요/EF/*')),
#     ('!', Feature(
#         pos='SF', semantic=None, has_jongseong=None, reading=None,
#         type=None, start_pos=None, end_pos=None,
#         expression=None))
# ]


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