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Pure python Perforce API

Project description

Pure python perforce API


  • Pythonic api to Perforce

  • Pure python, no compiled extension


pip install python-perforce


>>> import perforce
>>> p4 = perforce.connect()
>>> revisions ='//depot/path/to/file.txt')
>>> print(revisions)
[<Revision 1: file.txt>]
[<Revision 1: file.txt>, <Revision 2: foo.txt>]
>>> cl = p4.findChangelist('my description')
>>> with cl:
...     cl.append(revisions[0])
...     p4.add('path/to/add.txt', cl)
>>> cl.description
'my description'
>>> cl.description = 'something else'
>>> cl.submit()
>>> client = perforce.Client('my_client')
>>> print(
>>> print(client.root)


0.3.17 (2016-7-28)

  • Fixed bug with windows dependent line breaks Fixes #34

  • Fixed bug while parsing unicode Fixes #32

0.3.16 (2016-5-6)

  • Fixed bug with non-unicode characters Fixes #32

  • Fixed bug with spaces in a file spec for Client and Stream Fixes #29

  • Fixed bug if any of the P4 variables were set to an empty string in a config file

0.3.15 (2016-3-9)

  • Python 3 support

0.3.14 (2016-2-24)

  • Fixed bug when trying to add an empty file

0.3.13 (2016-2-17)

  • Changed the parameter in __getVariables to a list Fixes #27

0.3.12 (2016-2-16)

  • Added an optional connection paramter to all api functions

0.3.11 (2016-2-16)

  • Added a base class for perforce objects to wrap dict getter

  • Added Stream object Fixes #25

  • Added tests for new classes Fixes #26

  • Added tests for Revision objects as it was lacking

  • __getVariables will no longer show a console on windows Fixes #24

  • Client and Stream are now exposed at the package level Fixes #23

0.3.10 (2016-1-30)

  • Added Client object

  • Added better support for finding p4 env variables

  • Added PendingDeprecationWarnings to Changelist and Revision to accept an optional Connection object. If not provided, it will use whatever settings it can find to create one

  • For Changelist, Revision, and Client, added __getattr__ to use the underlying dict to allow use of all fields if not directly supported by this lib

  • now requires a list instead of a string for the command. A PendingDeprecationWarning will be thrown if a string is used. Strings will not be supported in 0.4.0

0.3.9 (2016-1-29)

  • Changelist objects are lazy and will only query files as needed

0.3.7 (2015-1-7)

  • Fixed bugs regarding spaces in file names or specs

  • Fixed bug that may have left too many file handles open

  • Added comparison operator to Changelist

0.3.6 (2015-12-3)

  • Added __iadd_ operator to Changelist

  • Added unchanged_only flag to Changelist.revert()

  • Added exclude_deleted flag to

  • Fixed a bug on windows that would occur if the command line was too long (>8190)

  • Added setter to Connection.client

  • Changelist.append will now raise a RevisionError if the file to append is not under the clients root

0.3.5 (2015-11-18)

  • Changed the argument order for Revisions to be consistent with everything else. Supports backwards compatible argument orders

  • Fixed bug that would attempt to checkout files when querying a changelist

0.3.4 (2015-11-17)

  • Changed enums to be namedtuples

  • Fixed bug when detecting login state

0.3.3 (2015-11-16)

  • Corrected the way the error levels were being handled

  • Added more documentation

  • Connection will no longer fail if any of the paramter were incorrect, use Connection.status() to check the status of the connection

0.1.0 (2014-10-16)

  • First release on PyPI.

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