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Project description

Runit CLI Python

The Runit Command Line Interface (CLI) Tools can be used to test, manage, and deploy your Runit project from the command line.

  • Create new runit project
  • Run a local web server for your runit project
  • publish code and assets to your runit-server domain
  • Interact with data in your runit-server database

Supported Languages

Python JavaScript PHP


Python Package

You can install the Runit CLI using pip (Python package manager). Note that you will need to install Python. To download and install the runit CLI run the following command:

pip install python-runit

This will provide you with the globally accessible runit command.

Install from source

git clone
cd runit
pip install .


Run the below command to print out usage message.

runit --help

Runit Cli

Create New Project Run the following in the command line to create a new runit project.

Supported languages include: Python, Javascript, PHP

runit new <project-name> --language <langugage>

Run runit new --help for all options

Run project locally Access functions on local server* Running the command runit in a project directory spins up a local webserver which can be used to access the funtions in project.

cd <project-directory>

Point your browser to the address provided followed by the function name to access that function. http://localhost:5000/ will be the default address. Visiting http://localhost:5000/hello_world will run the hello_world function in the project.

Run function and print output to shell Output function result to shell. Required arguments include:

--function <function_name>: Function name to call --shell: sets shell output to true [Optional] --arguments|-x: Arguments for the function if required. Can be called multiple times for multiple arguments

cd <project-directory>
runit --function <hello_world> --shell

Publishing Project

Before you can publish any of your projects, you must setup the backend for your runit. You must also be logged in.

Setup Backend Details The backend must be running runit-server. Run runit setup --help for help message. Follow the prompts to complete the setup after running the below comman.

runit setup

Account Login

runit login --help
runit login --email <> --password <supersecretpass>

or Follow the commands after running below command

runit login

Deploy/Publish Project

cd <project-directory>
runit publish



Free Software, Hell Yeah!

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