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Python Rest Client to interact against Schema Registry Confluent Server to manage Avro Schemas

Project description

Python Rest Client Schema Registry

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Python Rest Client to interact against schema-registry confluent server to manage Avro Schemas resources.


python 3.6+


pip install python-schema-registry-client

If you want the Faust functionality:

pip install python-schema-registry-client[faust]

Note that this will automatically add a dependency on the faust-streaming fork of faust. If you want to use the old faust version, simply install it manually and then install python-schema-registry-client without the faust extra enabled, the functionality will be the same.

Client API, Serializer, Faust Integration and Schema Server description



from schema_registry.client import SchemaRegistryClient, schema

client = SchemaRegistryClient(url="")

deployment_schema = {
    "type": "record",
    "namespace": "com.kubertenes",
    "name": "AvroDeployment",
    "fields": [
        {"name": "image", "type": "string"},
        {"name": "replicas", "type": "int"},
        {"name": "port", "type": "int"},

avro_schema = schema.AvroSchema(deployment_schema)

schema_id = client.register("test-deployment", avro_schema)

or async

from schema_registry.client import AsyncSchemaRegistryClient, schema

async_client = AsyncSchemaRegistryClient(url="")

deployment_schema = {
    "type": "record",
    "namespace": "com.kubertenes",
    "name": "AvroDeployment",
    "fields": [
        {"name": "image", "type": "string"},
        {"name": "replicas", "type": "int"},
        {"name": "port", "type": "int"},

avro_schema = schema.AvroSchema(deployment_schema)

schema_id = await async_client.register("test-deployment", avro_schema)

Usage with dataclasses-avroschema

You can generate the avro schema directely from a python class using dataclasses-avroschema and use it in the API for register schemas, check versions and test compatibility:

import dataclasses

from dataclasses_avroschema import AvroModel, types

from schema_registry.client import SchemaRegistryClient

client = SchemaRegistryClient(url="")

class UserAdvance(AvroModel):
    name: str
    age: int
    pets: typing.List[str] = dataclasses.field(default_factory=lambda: ["dog", "cat"])
    accounts: typing.Dict[str, int] = dataclasses.field(default_factory=lambda: {"key": 1})
    has_car: bool = False
    favorite_colors: types.Enum = types.Enum(["BLUE", "YELLOW", "GREEN"], default="BLUE")
    country: str = "Argentina"
    address: str = None

# register the schema
schema_id = client.register(subject, UserAdvance.avro_schema())

# >>> 12

result = client.check_version(subject, UserAdvance.avro_schema())
# >>> SchemaVersion(subject='dataclasses-avroschema-subject-2', schema_id=12, schema=1, version={"type":"record" ...')

compatibility = client.test_compatibility(subject, UserAdvance.avro_schema())

# >>> True

When use this library

Usually, we have a situacion like this:

Confluent Architecture

So, our producers/consumers have to serialize/deserialize messages every time that they send/receive from Kafka topics. In this picture, we can imagine a Faust application receiving messages (encoded with an Avro schema) and we want to deserialize them, so we can ask the schema server to do that for us. In this scenario, the MessageSerializer is perfect.

Also, could be a use case that we would like to have an Application only to administrate Avro Schemas (register, update compatibilities, delete old schemas, etc.), so the SchemaRegistryClient is perfect.


Install the project and development utilities in edit mode:

pip3 install -e ".[tests,docs,faust]

The tests are run against the Schema Server using docker compose, so you will need Docker and Docker Compose installed.


Run code linting:


To perform tests using the python shell you can execute docker-compose up and the schema registry server will run on, the you can interact against it using the SchemaRegistryClient:

from schema_registry.client import SchemaRegistryClient, schema

client = SchemaRegistryClient(url="")

# do some operations with the client...

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