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Time Extractor NLP project - locate dates and times in text documents

Project description

The project was developed by The goal of the project is to develop a library to find and extract time/date information from textual documents.

Why Should I Use This?

The main goal is to identify texts fragments that are related to time/date/period (exact date, time of day, day of the week, months, seasons, time intervals, etc.) and make structural forms from them. We tried to detect a variety of textual representations and handle things like recurring times (e.g. “every Wednesday”).


$ pip install pytimeextractor

You can also download or checkout the latest code and install from the source:

$ python install


To use it, simply do:

>>> from pytimeextractor import ExtractionService
>>> text = "from winter to summer"
>>> ExtractionService.extract(text)

A PySettings can be applied to specify some additional extraction options, like setting local user date/time, time-zone offset, filtering extraction rules and finding latest dates.

PySettingsBuilder is used for constructing PySettings instance when you need to set configuration options other than the default. PySettingsBuilder is best used by creating it, and then invoking its various configuration methods, and finally calling build method.

>>> from pytimeextractor import PySettingsBuilder
>>> settings = (PySettingsBuilder()
...          .addRulesGroup('DateGroup')
...          .excludeRules("relativeDateRule")
...          .addUserDate("2017-10-23T18:40:40.931Z")
...          .addTimeZoneOffset("2")
...          .includeOnlyLatestDates(True)
...          .build()
...         )
>>> ExtractionService.extract(text, settings)

Project details

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pytimeextractor-0.1.4.tar.gz (3.0 MB view hashes)

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