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PyUploadcare: a Python library for Uploadcare Build Status Documentation Status Coverage Code Health Uploadcare tech stack

Simple file uploads for the web are of most importance for us at Uploadcare. Today, everyone is used to the routine of allowing users to upload their pics or attach resumes. The routine covers it all: installing image processing libraries, adjusting permissions, ensuring servers never go down, and enabling CDN. Features like uploading from Facebook or manual crop are weighty, hence rare. Our goal is to change the status quo.

This library consists of the Uploadcare API interface and a couple of Django goodies. You might also want to check out this guide as a starting point.

Simple as that, Uploadcare ImageField can be added to an existing Django project in just a couple of simple steps. This will enable your users to see the upload progress, pick files from Google Drive or Instagram, and edit a form while files are being uploaded asynchronously.

from django import forms
from django.db import models

from import ImageField
from import FileWidget

class Candidate(models.Model):
    photo = ImageField(blank=True, manual_crop="")

# optional. provide advanced widget options:
class CandidateForm(forms.Form):
    photo = ImageField(widget=FileWidget(attrs={
        'data-cdn-base': '',
        'data-image-shrink': '1024x1024',


  • Python wrapper for Uploadcare REST and Upload APIs.
  • Django widget with useful manual crop and multi-upload.
  • ucare console utility.
  • hosted assets (Kudos to Sławek Ehlert!).


pyuploadcare requires Python 2.7, 3.4, 3.5, 3.6, 3.7.

If you’re using pyuploadcare with Django, check .travis.yml for supported Python-Django combinations.

Obsolete versions of Python and Django are officially not supported, but chances are everything still works. If you have to use those, modify tox.ini, test and run at your own risk ;) Or, you may use older versions of the library.


In order to install pyuploadcare, simply run:

$ pip install pyuploadcare

or, if you prefer it the old way:

$ easy_install pyuploadcare


Besides the Travis CI we use tox. In order to run tests just:

$ pip install tox
$ tox

Security issues

If you think you ran into something in Uploadcare libraries which might have security implications, please hit us up at or Hackerone.

We’ll contact you personally in a short time to fix an issue through co-op and prior to any public disclosure.


Issues and PRs are welcome. You can provide your feedback or drop us a support request at


All notable changes to this project will be documented in this file.

The format is based on Keep a Changelog, and this project adheres to Semantic Versioning.

2.6.0 - 2018-11-29

  • Improved error logging.
  • Update bundled widget to version 3.6.1. See widget changelog.
  • FileWidget.render() now works in Django 2.1.
  • Obsolete widget setting data-upload-base-url replaced with data-url-base


  • Update bundled widget to version 3.3.0. See widget changelog.
  • Update links to the Uploadcare site
  • Expand data format in ‘User-Agent’ request header.


  • Change data format in ‘User-Agent’ request header.


  • Update default widget version to 3.x
  • Update bundled widget to version 3.2.3. See widget changelog.


  • Add support for Django versions 1.11 and ~2.0
  • Miscellaneous updates (version, year in a license file, tox configuration and etc.)
  • Drop official support for obsolete Python and Django versions. Chances are that everything still works. If you have to use those, modify tox.ini, run tests and use at your own risk ;) Or, you may use older versions of the library.


  • Add file.create_local_copy and file.create_remote_copy methods.
  • Add new make_public and pattern parameters to file.create_remote_copy method.
  • Add new store parameter to file.create_local_copy methods.
  • Update CDN link to the widget.
  • Use wildcard 2.x to always get the latest patch or minor version of widget version 2. See widget changelog.
  • Update bundled widget to version 2.10.3. See widget changelog.


  • Support auto storing in upload requests
  • Updated widget to version 2.10.0 (see widget changelog).
  • Drop support for Python 3.2
  • Simplify and reduce test matrix in .travis.yml


  • Fixed issue with missing ucare_cli package.


  • Added support for version 0.5 of REST API.
  • Updated widget to version 2.8.1 (see widget changelog).
  • Added the ucare list_groups command.
  • Removed deprecated entities.

NB: There are backward incompatible changes. For detailed information about the upgrade process see update to version 2.0.


  • Fixed ZeroDivision error when trying to sync files with no size


  • Added support of Django 1.9
  • Removed indication of Unicode strings from output of ucare
  • Fixed a group representation for ucare create_group command
  • Fixed error with ucare sync when trying to processing of not image files


  • Added storage operations
  • Added request_limit to ucare_cli


  • Expanded User-Agent


  • Added sync command to ucare_cli
  • Autogenerated documentation for ucare_cli
  • update widget to 2.5.5 (see widget changelog)



  • API version was updated up to 0.4.
  • update widget to 2.4.0 (see widget changelog)




  • improve synchronous upload API
  • fix encoding issues with pip3
  • update widget to 1.5.4 (see widget changelog)
  • add AUTHORS.txt


  • add synchronous upload from URL method to File
  • UploadcareExceptions are __repr__’ed properly
  • update widget to 1.5.3 (see widget changelog)


  • fix “source” composition for copy requests
  • let configure default throttle retry count via conf.retry_throttled


  • handle responses for HEAD and OPTION requests
  • update widget to 1.4.6


  • compatibility with Django 1.7


  • update widget to 1.4.0


  • handle rest api throttling


  • update widget to 1.2.3
  • fixed compatibility with six library version 1.7.0 and above


  • fixed setup script


  • update widget to 1.0.1
  • fixed logging when response contains unicode chars


  • update widget to 0.17.1


  • add File.copy()
  • add data attribute to UploadcareException
  • update widget to 0.13.2
  • update crop validation

1.2.1 URL was returned to serve widget’s assets.


  • CDN URL has been changed to Previous URL is depricated.
  • Widget was updated up to 0.10.1.


  • Widget was updated up to 0.10.
  • Default API version was updated up to 0.3.
  • Django settings were merged into UPLOADCARE dictionary.
  • Performance was improved by reusing requests’ session.


UnicodeDecodeError was fixed. This bug appears when request’s method param is unicode and requests.request() got files argument, e.g.:

>>> requests.request(u'post', u'',
...                  files={u'file': open('README.rst', 'rb')})
UnicodeDecodeError: 'ascii' codec can't decode byte 0xc5 ...


  • Widget was updated up to

  • It was invoking, methods on every model instance saving, e.g.:

    photo.title = 'new title'

    Now it happens while saving by form, namely by calling your_model_form.is_valid(). There is other thing that can trigger storing – calling photo.full_clean() directly.




  • Widget was updated up to


  • ImageField was added. It provides uploading only image files. Moreover, you can activate manual crop, e.g. ImageField(manual_crop='2:3').
  • More appropriate exceptions were added.
  • Tests were separated from library and were restructured.
  • Widget was updated up to 0.6.7.
  • Issue of FileField’s blank, null attributes was fixed.


  • Replace accept header for old api version


  • Fix unicode issue on field render


  • Add new widget to
  • Remove old widget
  • Use https for all requests


  • Add cdn_base to Ucare.__init__
  • Get rid of api v.0.1 support
  • Add File.ensure_on_s3 and File.ensure_on_cdn helpers
  • Add File properties is_on_s3, is_removed, is_stored
  • Fix url construction
  • Add and correct waiting to upload and upload_from_url


  • Add console log handler to ucare
  • Add wait argument to ucare store and delete commands
  • Fix ucare arg handling


  • Add bunch of arguments to ucare upload and upload_via_url commands
  • Fix UploadedFile.wait()


  • Fix file storing for old API
  • Replaced Authentication header with Authorization
  • Log warnings found in HTTP headers
  • Replace old resizer with new CDN
  • Add verify_api_ssl, verify_upload_ssl options
  • Add custom HTTP headers to API and upload API requests


  • Added __version__
  • Added ‘User-Agent’ request header
  • Added ‘Accept’ request header
  • Added ucare config file parsing
  • Added pyuploadcare/
  • Replaced upload API
  • Replaced File.keep with, File.keep is deprecated
  • uses new PUT request
  • Added timeouts to, File.delete
  • Added upload and upload_from_url to ucare
  • Added tests during setup
  • Replaced httplib with requests, support https (certificates for api requests are verified)
  • Added api_version arg to UploadCare, default is 0.2


  • Added ucare cli utility
  • Updated widget assets to version 0.0.1
  • Made properties out of following pyuploadcare.file.File’s methods:
    • api_uri()
    • url()
    • filename()
  • Changed pyuploadcare.UploadCareException.__init__

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