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Make runnable desktop apps from your python scripts more easily with pyvan!

Project description

Make runnable desktop/cmd apps from your python scripts!

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pip install pyvan

Make sure you have Python 3.8 or above.


Using the command line:


For a gui application add --no-console flag:

pyvan --no-console

You can see available flags with:

pyvan --help


Make a "" file next to the "" file (entry point of your program)

Paste the code bellow:

import pyvan

  "main_file_name": "",
  "show_console": False,
  "use_existing_requirements": True,
  "extra_pip_install_args": [],
  "python_version": None,
  "use_pipreqs": False,
  "install_only_these_modules": [],
  "exclude_modules": [],
  "include_modules": [],
  "path_to_get_pip_and_python_embedded_zip": "",
  "build_dir": "dist",
  "pydist_sub_dir": "pydist",
  "source_sub_dir": "",
  "icon_file": None,


Option Default Description
main_file_name required the entry point of the application
show_console True show console window or not (for a service or GUI app)
use_existing_requirements True if True pyvan will use an existing requirements.txt file instead of generating one using the: `use_pipreqs
extra_pip_install_args [] pyvan will append the provided arguments to the pip install command during installation of the stand-alone distribution.The arguments should be specified as a list of strings
python_version None pyvan will attempt use the specified Python distribution for creating the stand-alone application, 3.8.x, 3.9.1, or x.x.x are valid formats
use_pipreqs True pipreqs tries to minimize the size of your app by looking at your imports (best way is to use a virtualenv to ensure a smaller size
install_only_these_modules [] pyvan will install only the modules mentioned here
exclude_modules [] modules to exclude from bundle
include_modules [] modules to include in the bundle
path_to_get_pip_and_python_embedded_zip '' by default is the Download path (path to '' and '' files)
build_dir dist the directory in which pyvan will create the stand-alone distribution
pydist_sub_dir pydist a sub directory relative to build_dir where the stand-alone python distribution will be installed
source_sub_dir '' a sub directory relative to build_dir where the to execute python files will be installed
input_dir '.' the directory to get the main_file_name file from
icon_file None path to icon file to use for your application executable, doesn't use one by default

Thanks to silvandeleemput for extending the available options, adding support for CLI commands, automating the download of, embedded python zip and making possible the generation of an executable file!

I think pyvan is the only python bundler which makes possible shipping a python application along with a modifiable source code.

If pyvan didn't manage to install all the modules needed go in dist/Scripts folder and install them manually with pip install module

Since Mac and Linux have already Python installed pyvan focuses only on Windows.

Why pyvan?

pyvan it's just one file which takes the embedded python version, installs the modules you need and makes a link using a .exe file between python.exe and your script.
It's easy if something goes wrong for whatever reason you can just go in the dist folder and solve the issue the python way (because there is just python and your scripts :).

Submit any questions/issues you have! Fell free to fork it and improve it!

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