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For making websites with #python. CHANGES: moved to hg, setup fixes.

Project description


pywebsite is for making websites with python. In very early stages of development. See COPYING for LGPL licence details.



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Only one developer so far, maybe more if it becomes useful.

Rene Dudfield <> is a lead developer and maintainer of pygame, and is also a Website developer, and App developer

pywebsite changelog

0.1.26pre (2011-07-24)

Bugs fixed

  • setup fixes

  • moved to hg from bzr.

0.1.25pre (2011-04-17)

Bugs fixed

  • threading fix with sqlitepickle

0.1.24pre (2011-03-26)

Bugs fixed

  • added values() to sqlitepickle.

  • attempt to fix possible sql injection if an unsafe table name is used.

0.1.23pre (2011-03-22)

Bugs fixed

  • added __repr__ to sqlitepickle.

0.1.22pre (2010-03-13)

Bugs fixed

  • added an sqlitepickle pop method.

0.1.21pre (2010-03-13)

Bugs fixed

  • sqlitepickle thread ident works across pythons 2.5,2.6, and 3.1 now.

0.1.20pre (2010-03-13)

  • made sqlitepickle methods commit by default. Less suprising.

Bugs fixed

0.1.19pre (2010-03-10)

Bugs fixed

  • Added basic update({}) method to sqlitepickle.

  • disabled test that relied on timing. fails on different machines.

0.1.18pre (2010-01-11)

Bugs fixed

  • imageops.resizing import correctly for python 3.

  • testing a release with ‘upload -sign’

  • added document checking to the testall make target.

0.1.17pre (2010-01-10)

Features added

  • made imageops.resize use some aspect preserving options.

Bugs fixed

  • added some docs to imageops

  • sqlitepickle works with pypy now.

0.1.16pre (2010-01-05)

Features added

  • started a pywebsite.imageops.resizing for routines useful for resizing.

Bugs fixed

  • rest long_description was not working.

  • added 2010 to copyright notices.

0.1.15pre (2010-01-04)

Features added

  • resizing routines useful for images.

Bugs fixed

  • signed_url extra layer of protection against timing attacks.

  • signed_url now uses base64 url safe encoding to shorten hash.

  • Imported __doc__ from all sub packages. So help(pywebsite.module) works.

0.1.14pre (2010-01-04)

Bugs fixed

  • signed_url (more) immune VS timing attacks.

0.1.13pre (2009-12-29)

Bugs fixed

  • MANIFEST handling is better.

  • make clean now cleans up files better. No stray .pyc files.

  • make testall can now test with python 2.5 2.6 and 3.1.

0.1.12pre (2009-12-29)

Bugs fixed

  • changed hash_url.hash_url to signed_url.sign

  • made all tests work when run from within their sub package directory.

0.1.11pre (2009-12-28)

Features added

  • Added keys() and items() calls which return generators for sqlitepickle.

0.1.10pre (2009-12-24)

Bugs fixed

  • changed the code layout to use subpackages.

  • See sub-packages, for the reasoning and details on keeping everything for a module in a sub package.

0.1.9pre (2009-12-21)

Bugs fixed

  • hash_url fixes for length extension attack, and value equivalence attacks.

0.1.8pre (2009-12-16)

Features added

  • Added hash_url, a way to hash urls to validate they are approved urls.

Bugs fixed

  • some imageops fixes.

0.1.7pre (2009-12-16)

Bugs fixed

  • missed updating CHANGES.txt

0.1.6pre (2009-12-16)

Bugs fixed

  • added docs/hacking_pywebsite.txt for notes on developing pywebsite.

  • Can import pywebsite.tests;pywebsite.tests.main() to run the tests

  • moved test runner code into pywebsite.tests from script.

0.1.5pre (2009-12-16)

Bugs fixed

  • moved lib/ to pywebsite/ and test to pywebsite/tests

  • restructuring and cleanup

  • using distribute by default with so buildout is working

  • added extra stuff to make clean command

0.1.4pre (2009-12-16)

Bugs fixed

  • some small py3k fixes.

  • validate more types for imageops

  • fixed up documentation for pypi, automated it a little.

0.1.3pre (2009-12-16)

Features added

  • started an image operations module imageops. Only resizing and caching so far.

  • started TODO.txt

0.1.2pre (2009-12-09)

Bugs fixed

  • updated doc strings in sqlitepickle.

  • added trove classifiers to setup.

  • started CHANGES.txt

Features added


Here is a vague list of TODO items.

image operations
  • exif meta data from images

  • thumb nailing

  • water marking

  • rotation, scaling (rotozoom) (DONE)

  • caching (DONE)

  • imagemagick/graphicsmagick based backend.

  • ehtml, ecgi etc.

pygame event loop integration


performance testing monitoring of live systems

rate limiting

help to limit the rate requests can be made.

CSRF prevention help



rss/feed generation




sound operations
  • id3 tag info etc

  • stream sound

video operations
  • upload flv

  • playlists

  • thumbnails of videos

  • record from webcam

  • screencast

upload local website to remote host
  • as static files.

  • upload database to hidden directory.

send rss link to friends
news posting
  • freshmeat news.

  • PAD file generation

slide show

listing of articles website

basic key/value data store

signing urls for authorisation, signed_url (DONE)

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