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Python MediaWiki Bot Framework

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The Pywikibot framework is a Python library that interfaces with the MediaWiki API version 1.27 or higher.

Also included are various general function scripts that can be adapted for different tasks.

For further information about the library excluding scripts see the full code documentation.

Quick start

git clone
cd core
git submodule update --init
pip install -r requirements.txt
python <script_name>

Or to install using PyPI (excluding scripts)

pip install pywikibot
pwb <scriptname>

Our installation guide has more details for advanced usage.

Basic Usage

If you wish to write your own script it’s very easy to get started:

import pywikibot
site = pywikibot.Site('en', 'wikipedia')  # The site we want to run our bot on
page = pywikibot.Page(site, 'Wikipedia:Sandbox')
page.text = page.text.replace('foo', 'bar')'Replacing "foo" with "bar"')  # Saves the page

Wikibase Usage

Wikibase is a flexible knowledge base software that drives Wikidata. A sample pywikibot script for getting data from Wikibase:

import pywikibot
site = pywikibot.Site('wikipedia:en')
repo = site.data_repository()  # the Wikibase repository for given site
page = repo.page_from_repository('Q91')  # create a local page for the given item
item = pywikibot.ItemPage(repo, 'Q91')  # a repository item
data = item.get()  # get all item data from repository for this item

Script example

Pywikibot provides bot classes to develop your own script easily:

import pywikibot
from pywikibot import pagegenerators
from import ExistingPageBot

class MyBot(ExistingPageBot):

    update_options = {
        'text': 'This is a test text',
        'summary': 'Bot: a bot test edit with Pywikibot.'

    def treat_page(self):
        """Load the given page, do some changes, and save it."""
        text = self.current_page.text
        text += '\n' + self.opt.text
        self.put_current(text, summary=self.opt.summary)

def main():
    """Parse command line arguments and invoke bot."""
    options = {}
    gen_factory = pagegenerators.GeneratorFactory()
    # Option parsing
    local_args = pywikibot.handle_args(args)  # global options
    local_args = gen_factory.handle_args(local_args)  # generators options
    for arg in local_args:
        opt, sep, value = arg.partition(':')
        if opt in ('-summary', '-text'):
            options[opt[1:]] = value
    MyBot(generator=gen_factory.getCombinedGenerator(), **options).run()

if __name == '__main__':

For more documentation on Pywikibot see our docs.


Current release

  • Remove line endings in version.getversion_nightly(T363943)

  • Provide -nouser option with pywikibot.scripts.version

  • i18n updates


  • 9.0.0: The content parameter of proofreadpage.IndexPage.page_genis deprecated and will be ignored (T358635)

  • 9.0.0: userinterfaces.transliteration.transliterator was renamed to Transliterator

  • 9.0.0: next parameter of userinterfaces.transliteration.transliterator.transliteratewas renamed to succ

  • 9.0.0: type parameter of site.APISite.protectedpages() was renamed to protect_type

  • 9.0.0: all parameter of site.APISite.namespace()was renamed to all_ns

  • 9.0.0: filter parameter of date.dhwas renamed to filter_func

  • 9.0.0: dict parameter of data.api.OptionSetwas renamed to data

  • 9.0.0: pywikibot.version.get_toolforge_hostname() is deprecated without replacement

  • 9.0.0: allrevisions parameter of xmlreader.XmpDumpis deprecated, use revisions instead (T340804)

  • 9.0.0: iteritems method of data.api.Requestwill be removed in favour of items

  • 9.0.0: SequenceOutputter.output() is deprecated in favour of tools.formatter.SequenceOutputter.out property

  • 9.0.0: nullcontext context manager and SimpleQueue queue of backportsare derecated

  • 8.4.0: modules_only_mode parameter of data.api.ParamInfo, its paraminfo_keys class attribute and its preloaded_modules property will be removed

  • 8.4.0: dropdelay and releasepid attributes of throttle.Throttlewill be removed in favour of expiry class attribute

  • 8.2.0: tools.itertools.itergroupwill be removed in favour of backports.batched

  • 8.2.0: normalize parameter of WbTime.toTimestrand WbTime.toWikibasewill be removed

  • 8.1.0: Dependency of exceptions.NoSiteLinkErrorfrom exceptions.NoPageErrorwill be removed

  • 8.1.0: exceptions.Server414Error is deprecated in favour of exceptions.Client414Error

  • 8.0.0: Timestamp.clone()method is deprecated in favour of Timestamp.replace() method.

  • 8.0.0: family.Family.maximum_GET_lengthmethod is deprecated in favour of config.maximum_GET_length(T325957)

  • 8.0.0: addOnly parameter of textlib.replaceLanguageLinksand textlib.replaceCategoryLinksare deprecated in favour of add_only

  • 8.0.0: textlib.TimeStripperregex attributes ptimeR, ptimeznR, pyearR, pmonthR, pdayR are deprecated in favour of patterns attribute which is a textlib.TimeStripperPatterns.

  • 8.0.0: textlib.TimeStripper``groups`` attribute is deprecated in favour of textlib.TIMEGROUPS

  • 8.0.0: LoginManager.get_login_tokenwas replaced by['login']

  • 8.0.0: data.api.LoginManager() is deprecated in favour of login.ClientLoginManager

  • 8.0.0: APISite.messages()method is deprecated in favour of userinfo[‘messages’]

  • 8.0.0: Page.editTime()method is deprecated and should be replaced by Page.latest_revision.timestamp

Will be removed in Pywikibot 10
  • 9.1.0: version.svn_rev_infoand version.getversion_svnwill be removed. SVN is no longer supported. (T362484)

  • 7.7.0: tools.threadingclasses should no longer imported from tools

  • 7.6.0: tools.itertoolsdatatypes should no longer imported from tools

  • 7.6.0: tools.collectionsdatatypes should no longer imported from tools

  • 7.5.0: textlib.tzoneFixedOffset class will be removed in favour of time.TZoneFixedOffset

  • 7.4.0: FilePage.usingPages() was renamed to using_pages()

  • 7.3.0: Old color escape sequences like \03{color} is deprecated in favour of new color format like <<color>>

  • 7.3.0: linkitrail method of family.Familyis deprecated; use APISite.linktrail() instead

  • 7.2.0: tb parameter of exception()function was renamed to exc_info

  • 7.2.0: XMLDumpOldPageGenerator is deprecated in favour of a content parameter of XMLDumpPageGenerator(T306134)

  • 7.2.0: RedirectPageBot and NoRedirectPageBot bot classes are deprecated in favour of use_redirectsattribute

  • 7.2.0: tools.formatter.color_formatis deprecated and will be removed

  • 7.1.0: Unused get_redirect parameter of Page.getOldVersion()will be removed

  • 7.0.0: User.isBlocked() method is renamed to is_blocked for consistency

  • 7.0.0: A boolean watch parameter in is deprecated and will be desupported

  • 7.0.0: baserevid parameter of editSource(), editQualifier(), removeClaims(), removeSources(), remove_qualifiers() DataSite methods will be removed

  • 7.0.0: Values of APISite.allpages() parameter filterredir other than True, False and None are deprecated

  • 7.0.0: The i18n identifier ‘cosmetic_changes-append’ will be removed in favour of ‘pywikibot-cosmetic-changes’

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