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Extending PyYAML with a custom constructor for including YAML files within YAML files

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An extending constructor of PyYAML: include other YAML files into YAML document.


pip install pyyaml-include


Consider we have such YAML files:

├── 0.yml
└── include.d
    ├── 1.yml
    └── 2.yml
  • 1.yml 's content:

    name: "1"
  • 2.yml 's content:

    name: "2"

To include 1.yml, 2.yml in 0.yml, we shall add YamlIncludeConstructor to PyYAML's loader, then add an !include tag in 0.yaml:

import yaml
from yamlinclude import YamlIncludeConstructor

YamlIncludeConstructor.add_to_loader_class(loader_class=yaml.FullLoader, base_dir='/your/conf/dir')

with open('0.yml') as f:
    data = yaml.load(f, Loader=yaml.FullLoader)



If 0.yml was:

file1: !include include.d/1.yml
file2: !include include.d/2.yml

We'll get:

  name: "1"
  name: "2"


If 0.yml was:

  - !include include.d/1.yml
  - !include include.d/2.yml

We'll get:

  - name: "1"
  - name: "2"


File name can be either absolute (like /usr/conf/1.5/Make.yml) or relative (like ../../cfg/img.yml).


File name can contain shell-style wildcards. Data loaded from the file(s) found by wildcards will be set in a sequence.

That is to say, a list will be returned when including file name contains wildcards. Length of the returned list equals number of matched files:

  • when only 1 file matched, length of list will be 1
  • when there are no files matched, an empty list will be returned

If 0.yml was:

files: !include include.d/*.yml

We'll get:

  - name: "1"
  - name: "2"


  • For Python>=3.5, if recursive argument of !include YAML tag is true, the pattern “**” will match any files and zero or more directories and subdirectories.
  • Using the “**” pattern in large directory trees may consume an inordinate amount of time because of recursive search.

In order to enable recursive argument, we shall set it in Mapping or Sequence arguments mode:

  • Arguments in Sequence mode:

    !include [tests/data/include.d/**/*.yml, true]
  • Arguments in Mapping mode:

    !include {pathname: tests/data/include.d/**/*.yml, recursive: true}

Non YAML files

This extending constructor can now load data from non YAML files, supported file types are:

  • json
  • toml (only available when toml installed)
  • ini

The constructor read non YAML files by different readers according to a pattern table defined in src/yamlinclude/

Default reader table can be replaced by a custom reader_map when call add_to_loader_class.

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