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query zip codes and location data

Project description


This package will allow you to get zip code information. The data used in this package can be retrieved from

pyzipcode uses a local sqlite database to run. You can replace it with your own other storage mechanism with a little effort.

Here is some basic usage...

>>> from pyzipcode import ZipCodeDatabase
>>> zcdb = ZipCodeDatabase()

>>> zcdb[54115]
ZipCode(zip='54115', city='De Pere', state='WI', longitude=-88.07896, latitude=44.42042, timezone=-6, dst=1)
>>> zcdb[210]
ZipCode(zip='00210', city='Portsmouth', state='NH', longitude=-71.013202, latitude=43.005895, timezone=-5, dst=1)

Search zip codes...

>>> from pyzipcode import ZipCodeDatabase
>>> zcdb = ZipCodeDatabase()
>>> len(zcdb.find_zip(city="Oshkosh"))
>>> len(zcdb.find_zip(city="O%"))  # all cities starting with "O" using SQL wildcard
>>> len(zcdb.find_zip(city="Doesn't Exist"))  # returns None

Get a list of zipcodes around a radius of a zipcode (this actually searches a square area)

>>> from pyzipcode import ZipCodeDatabase
>>> zcdb = ZipCodeDatabase()
>>> [ for z in zcdb.get_zipcodes_around_radius('54901', 10)]
['54901', '54902', '54903', '54904', '54906', '54927', '54952', '54956', '54957', '54979', '54985']

The Data

The following is the original README file from

CivicSpace US ZIP Code Database
written by Schuyler Erle <>
5 August 2004

corrected total count and removed sql table definition
Neil Drumm <>
10 August 2004

The ZIP code database contained in 'zipcode.csv' contains 43191 ZIP
codes for the continetal United States, Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico,
and American Samoa. The database is in comma separated value format,
with columns for ZIP code, city, state, latitude, longitude, timezone
(offset from GMT), and daylight savings time flag (1 if DST is observed
in this ZIP code and 0 if not).

This database was composed using ZIP code gazetteers from the US Census
Bureau from 1999 and 2000, augmented with additional ZIP code information
from the Census Bureau's TIGER/Line 2003 data set. Timezone information
was added using cartographic data sets from The
database is guaranteed to exclusively contain information gathered from
sources in the public domain, and thus be legal to redistribute.

The database is believed to contain over 98% of the ZIP Codes in current
use in the United States. The remaining ZIP Codes absent from this
database are entirely PO Box or Firm ZIP codes added in the last five
years, which are no longer published by the Census Bureau, but in any
event serve a very small minority of the population (probably on the
order of .1% or less). Although every attempt has been made to filter
them out, this data set may contain up to .5% false positives, that is,
ZIP codes that do not exist or are no longer in use but are included due
to erroneous data sources. The latitude and longitude given for each ZIP
code is typically (though not always) the geographic centroid of the ZIP
code; in any event, the location given can generally be expected to lie
somewhere within the ZIP code's "boundaries".

The database andthis README are copyright 2004 CivicSpace Labs, Inc.,
and are published under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike
license, which requires that all updates must be released under the same
license. See for more
details. Please contact if you are interested in
receiving updates to this database as they become available.

-=- 30 -=-

Visit for latest information.


3.0.1 (2021-03-03)

  • Fix release

3.0.0 (2021-03-03)

  • ZipCodeDatabase objects now behave like dictionaries

    • Looking up a non-existent zipcode raises a KeyError instead of IndexError
    • .get() now returns a ZipCode object instead of a list containing 1 ZipCode object
    • they now have a len(), can be iterated over and reversed()
    • they now have .keys() .values() and .items() methods
  • ZipCode objects are created by passing multiple arguments, one for each value, instead of a tuple

  • Support looking up 4 and 3 digit zip codes as integers

  • Drop Python 2 support

    2.0.3 (unreleased)

  • Nothing changed yet.

2.0.2 (2021-02-28)

  • license update

2.0.1 (2021-02-25)

  • Fix error message for unknown zip code[mpcusack]

2.0.0 (2020-04-07)

  • updated to work with py3 [David Schneider]

    1.0 (2016-01-20)

  • Fix import code so that it is not run when the module is imported (for example, when building Sphinx API Documentation).

  • Rename the module to because import is a reserved Python keyword.

  • Document the import_zipcode module.



  • use strings instead of integer for storing zip codes since zip codes can start with a Zero.


  • catch sqlite db file reading errors and keep trying in case another process is trying to access the file at the same time.


  • initial release

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