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tiny hotkey library based on python-evdev

Project description


Pyzmo is a small hotkey library for Python 2.7+ based on python-evdev. It has support for keys, key chords (simultaneously pressed keys) and key sequences (keys pressed in succession).


from pyzmo import *
from evdev.ecodes import *

# triggered when KEY_PLAYPAUSE is pressed
def playpause(events):

# triggered when KEY_B is pressed, held or released
@key(KEY_B, states=['down', 'hold', 'up'])
def back(events):

# triggered when either KEY_C or KEY_D are pressed
@key(KEY_C, KEY_D)
def c_or_d(events):

# triggered when KEY_LEFTCTRL, KEY_LEFTALT and KEY_DELETE are
# pressed at the same time
def ctrlaltdel(events):

# triggered when KEY_A, KEY_B and KEY_C are pressed one after the other
@keyseq(KEY_A, KEY_B, KEY_C)
def abc(events):

# specifying multiple sequences for one callback (syntax applies for
# @chord and @event as well)
@keyseq( (KEY_1, KEY_2, KEY_3), (KEY_Z, KEY_X, KEY_C) )
def zxc_or_123(events):

# each handler receives the list of input events, because of
# which it was triggered
@chord(e.KEY_LEFTMETA, e.KEY_A)
def term(events):
    for event in events:
        print(event)  # instance of
        #event at 1352244701.749908, code 125, type 01, val 01
        #event at 1352244701.861897, code 30, type 01, val 01

## Note 1:
# If we define two triggers:
#  - @chord(KEY_LEFTCTRL, KEY_V)
#  - @key(KEY_V)
# Pressing 'ctrl-v' will run both their callbacks. To stop
# processing any further triggers after a match is made, use:
@chord(KEY_LEFTCTRL, KEY_V, quick=True)
def copy(events):

## Note 2:
# Pyzmo can actually match arbitrary input events. The following
# will be triggered on scroll-wheel movement:
@event(EV_REL, REL_WHEEL, -1)
def vertical_scroll(events):

# start main loop
poll('/dev/input/event1', '/dev/input/event2')

# .. or if you wish to get exclusive access to a input device
from evdev import InputDevice
dev = InputDevice('/dev/input/eventX')

You can avoid polluting the global namespace with:

from pyzmo import EventHandler
from evdev import ecodes as e

app = EventHandler('name')

def f(events): pass



The latest stable version of pyzmo is available on pypi, while the development version can be installed from github:

$ pip install pyzmo  # latest stable version
$ pip install git+git://  # latest development version

Alternatively, you can install it manually like any other python package:

$ git clone
$ cd pyzmo
$ git reset --hard HEAD $versiontag
$ python install

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Pyzmo is released under the terms of the New BSD License.

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