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Python client for qBittorrent v4.1+ Web API.

Project description

qBittorrent Web API Client

Python client implementation for qBittorrent Web API

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Currently supports qBittorrent v4.5.4 (Web API v2.8.19) released on June 17, 2023.

User Guide and API Reference available on Read the Docs.


  • The entire qBittorrent Web API is implemented.
  • qBittorrent version checking for an endpoint's existence/features is automatically handled.
  • All Python versions are supported.
  • If the authentication cookie expires, a new one is automatically requested in line with any API call.


Install via pip from PyPI

python -m pip install qbittorrent-api

Getting Started

import qbittorrentapi

# instantiate a Client using the appropriate WebUI configuration
conn_info = dict(
qbt_client = qbittorrentapi.Client(**conn_info)

# the Client will automatically acquire/maintain a logged-in state
# in line with any request. therefore, this is not strictly necessary;
# however, you may want to test the provided login credentials.
except qbittorrentapi.LoginFailed as e:

# if the Client will not be long-lived or many Clients may be created
# in a relatively short amount of time, be sure to log out:

# or use a context manager:
with qbittorrentapi.Client(**conn_info) as qbt_client:
    if qbt_client.torrents_add(urls="...") != "Ok.":
        raise Exception("Failed to add torrent.")

# display qBittorrent info
print(f"qBittorrent: {}")
print(f"qBittorrent Web API: {}")
for k, v in
    print(f"{k}: {v}")

# retrieve and show all torrents
for torrent in qbt_client.torrents_info():
    print(f"{torrent.hash[-6:]}: {} ({torrent.state})")

# pause all torrents

Change log

v2023.9.53 (7 sept 2023)

  • Advertise support for Python 3.12
  • Advertise support for qBittorrent v4.5.5
  • Add inactive_seeding_time_limit for torrents/setShareLimits (#271)
  • Implement app/networkInterfaceList and app/networkInterfaceAddressList (#272)

v2023.7.52 (13 jul 2023)

  • Ensure the wheel is uploaded with the release to PyPI

v2023.7.51 (13 jul 2023)

  • Convert APINames and TorrentStatus to StrEnum and TrackerStatus to IntEnum (#267)

v2023.6.50 (19 jun 2023)

  • Advertise support for qBittorrent v4.5.4

v2023.6.49 (9 jun 2023)

  • The Client is no longer binded to Lists (#230)
  • This does not affect normal operation but allows for slicing, adding, and copying Lists

v2023.5.48 (29 may 2023)

  • Advertise support for qBittorrent v4.5.3

v2023.4.47 (19 apr 2023)

  • Client can now be used as a context manager

v2023.4.46 (14 apr 2023)

  • Fix building docs after implementing src-layout

v2023.4.45 (11 apr 2023)

  • Add the TrackerStatus Enum to identify tracker statuses from torrents/trackers

v2023.3.44 (09 mar 2023)

  • Add support for torrent status filters seeding, moving, errored, and checking

v2023.2.43 (27 feb 2023)

  • Advertise support for qBittorrent v4.5.2

v2023.2.42 (13 feb 2023)

  • Advertise support for qBittorrent v4.5.1

v2023.2.41 (8 feb 2023)

  • Remove dependence on qBittorrent authentication cookie being named SID
  • Minor typing fixes

v2022.11.40 (27 nov 2022)

  • Support qBittorrent v4.5.0 release
  • Add support for torrents/export
  • Implement new transfer/setSpeedLimitsMode in place of existing transfer/toggleSpeedLimitsMode
  • Add support for stopCondition in torrents/add
  • Update typing to be complete, accurate, and shipped with the package

v2022.10.39 (26 oct 2022)

  • Advertise support for Python 3.11

v2022.8.38 (31 aug 2022)

  • Advertise support for qBittorrent v4.4.5

v2022.8.37 (24 aug 2022)

  • Advertise support for qBittorrent v4.4.4

v2022.8.36 (15 aug 2022)

  • Comply with enforced HTTP method requirements from qBittorrent

v2022.8.35 (13 aug 2022)

  • Remove PYTHON_ prefix for configuration environment variables

v2022.8.34 (11 aug 2022)

  • Add setuptools as an explicit dependency for pkg_resources.parse_version()

v2022.7.33 (27 jul 2022)

  • Reorder class hierarchy to allow independent MixIn use
  • Clean up typing annotations
  • Optimize Dictionary and List initializations
  • Rename Alias decorator to alias for better conformity

v2022.5.32 (30 may 2022)

  • Implement pre-commit checks
  • Advertise support for qBittorrent v4.4.3.1

v2022.5.31 (24 may 2022)

  • Advertise support for qBittorrent v4.4.3
  • Revamp GitHub CI
  • Reorg Request for some more clarity (hopefully)

v2022.4.30 (3 apr 2022)

  • Stop advertising support for Python 3.6 (EOL 12/2021)
  • Publish to PyPI using API token and cleanup GitHub Action scripts

v2022.3.29 (25 mar 2022)

  • Advertise support for qBittorrent v4.4.2

v2022.2.28 (17 feb 2022)

  • Advertise support for qBittorrent v4.4.1
  • qBittorrent reverted the category dictionary key savePath back to save_path

v2022.1.27 (9 jan 2022)

  • Support for qBittorrent v4.4.0
  • torrents/info results can now be filtered by a torrent tag
  • Added new torrent state "Forced Metadata Downloading"
  • Support per-torrent/per-category "download folder"

v2021.12.26 (11 dec 2021)

  • Stop sending Origin and Referer headers (Fixes #63)

v2021.12.25 (10 dec 2021)

  • Close files that are opened and sent to Requests when adding torrents from files
  • Enable warnings for tests and explicitly close Requests Sessions to prevent (mostly spurious) ResourceWarnings

v2021.12.24 (3 dec 2021)

  • Add Type Hints for all public and private functions, methods, and variables
  • Support HTTP timeouts as well as arbitrary Requests configurations

v2021.8.23 (28 aug 2021)

  • Advertise support for qBittorrent v4.3.8
  • Drop support for Python 3.5

v2021.5.22 (12 may 2021)

  • Support for qBittorrent v4.3.5
  • torrents/files includes index for each file; index officially replaces id but id will still be populated

v2021.5.21 (1 may 2021)

  • Allow users to force a specific communications scheme with FORCE_SCHEME_FROM_HOST (fixes #54)

v2021.4.20 (11 apr 2021)

  • Add support for ratio limit and seeding time limit when adding torrents

v2021.4.19 (8 apr 2021)

  • Update license in setup to match gpl->mit license change on GitHub

v2021.3.18 (13 mar 2021)

  • Replace TorrentStates.FORCE_DOWNLOAD='forceDL' with TorrentStates.FORCED_DOWNLOAD='forcedDL'

v2021.2.17 (7 feb 2021)

  • Generally refactor so it's better and easier to read
  • Persist a Requests Session between API calls instead of always creating a new one...small perf benefit
  • Move auth endpoints back to a dedicated module
  • Since attrdict is apparently going to break in Python 3.10 and it is no longer maintained, I've vendored a modified version (fixes #45)
  • Created handle_hashes decorator to hide the cruft of continuing to support hash and hashes arguments

v2021.1.16 (26 jan 2021)

  • Support qBittorrent v4.3.3 and Web API v2.7 (...again)
  • New torrents/renameFile and torrents/renameFolder endpoints
  • Retrieve app api version when needed instead of caching
  • Stop verifying and removing individual parameters when they aren't supported

v2020.12.15 (27 dec 2020)

  • Support qBittorrent v4.3.2 and Web API v2.7
  • torrents/add supports adding torrents with tags via tags parameter
  • app/preferences supports toggling internationalized domain name (IDN) support via idn_support_enabled
  • BREAKING CHANGE: for torrents/add, is_root_folder (or root_folder) is superseded by content_layout
  • For torrents/delete, delete_files now defaults to False instead of required being explicitly passed

v2020.12.14 (6 dec 2020)

  • Add support for non-standard API endpoint paths (Fixes #37)
  • Allows users to leverage this client when qBittorrent is configured behind a reverse proxy
    • For instance, if the Web API is being exposed at "http://localhost/qbt/", then users can instantiate via Client(host='localhost/qbt') and all API endpoint paths will be prefixed with "/qbt"
  • Additionally, the scheme (i.e. http or https) from the user will now be respected as the first choice for which scheme is used to communicate with qBittorrent
    • However, users still don't need to even specify a scheme; it'll be automatically determined on the first connection to qBittorrent
  • Neither of these should be breaking changes, but if you're instantiating with an incorrect scheme or an irrelevant path, you may need to prevent doing that now

v2020.11.13 (29 nov 2020)

  • Support qBittorrent v4.3.1 and Web API v2.6.1
  • Path of torrent content now available via content_path from torrents/info

v2020.11.12 (16 nov 2020)

  • Fix support for raw bytes for torrent_files in torrents_add() for Python 3 (Fixes #34)

v2020.10.11 (29 oct 2020)

  • Support qBittorrent v4.3.0.1 and Web API v2.6
  • Due to qBittorrent changes, search/categories no longer returns anything and rss/renameRule works again

v2020.10.10 (7 oct 2020)

  • Advertise support for Python 3.9

v2020.9.9 (12 sept 2020)

  • Only request enum34 for Python 2

v2020.8.8 (14 aug 2020)

  • Support adding torrents from raw torrent files as bytes or file handles (Fixes #23)
  • Introduce TorrentStates enum for qBittorrent list of torrent states

v2020.7.7 (26 jul 2020)

  • Update tests and misc small fixes

v2020.7.6 (25 jul 2020)

  • Re-release of v2020.7.5

v2020.7.5 (25 jul 2020)

  • Add RTD documentation

v2020.6.4 (9 jun 2020)

  • Bug fix release. Reorganized code and classes to be more logical
  • Started returning None from many methods that were returning Requests Responses
  • Content-Length header is now explicitly sent as "0" for any POSTs without a body
  • Endpoint input parameters hash and hashes are renamed to torrent_hash and torrent_hashes. hash and hashes remain supported
  • search_uninstall_plugin now works. search_enable_plugin now supports multiple plugins
  • Torrent.download_limit now only return the value instead of a dictionary. Torrent.upload_limit now works
  • Drop advertising Python 2.6 and 3.4 support; add PyPy3 support
  • Implement test suite and CI that can test all supported qBittorrent versions on all pythons

v2020.5.3 (11 may 2020)

  • Include currently supported qBittorrent version in README (Fixes #11)

v2020.4.2 (25 apr 2020)

  • Add support for rss/markAsRead and rss/matchingArticles. Added in v2.5.1 (Fixes #10)

v2020.4.1 (25 apr 2020)

  • Add stalled(), stalled_uploading(), and stalled_downloading() to interaction; added in Web API v2.4.1
  • Implement torrent file renaming. Added in Web API v2.4.0 (Fixes #3)
  • Since versioning was botched last release, implement calendar versioning
  • List of files returned from torrents_files() now contains file ID in id

v6.0.0 (22 apr 2020)

  • Performance gains for responses with payloads...especially for large payloads
  • Fixes #6. Adds support for SIMPLE_RESPONSES for the entire client and individual methods

v0.5.2 (19 apr 2020)

  • Fixes #8. Remove whitespace from in setPreferences requests for older qBittorrent versions

v0.5.1 (2 jan 2020)

  • Add Python3.8 version for PyPI
  • Move project from beta to stable for PyPI

v0.5.0 (2 jan 2020)

  • Make Web API URL derivation more robust...thereby allowing the client to actually work on Python3.8 (#5)
  • Allow port to be discretely specified during Client instantiation (#4)
  • Enhance request retry logic and expose retry configuration

v0.4.2 (5 dec 2019)

  • Improve organization and clarity of README
  • Better document exceptions
  • Clarify torrent file handling exceptions better with proper exceptions
  • Clean up the request wrapper exception handling
  • Fix HTTP 404 handling to find and return problematic torrent hashes

v0.4.1 (4 dec 2019)

  • Round out support for tags with qBittorrent v4.2.0 release
  • Remove upper-bound version requirements for requests and urllib3

v0.4 (4 dec 2019)

  • Support for qBittorrent v4.2.0 release
  • Add support for app/buildInfo
  • Add support for transfer/banPeers and torrents/addPeers
  • Add support for torrents/addTags, torrents/removeTags, torrents/tags, torrents/createTags, and torrents/deleteTags

v0.3.3 (29 sept 2019)

  • Fix useAutoTMM to autoTMM for client.torrents_add() so auto torrent management works
  • Add support to refresh RSS items introduced in qBittorrent v4.1.8

v0.3.2 (28 jun 2019)

  • Restore python 2 compatibility
  • Allow exceptions to be imported directly from package instead of only exceptions module

v0.3 (1 jun 2019)

  • Finalized interaction layer interfaces

v0.2 (13 may 2019)

  • Introduced the "interaction layer" for transparent interaction with the qBittorrent API

v0.1 (7 may 2019)

  • Complete implementation of qBittorrent WebUI API 2.2
  • Each API endpoint is available via the Client class
  • Automatic re-login is supported in the event of login expiration

MIT License

Copyright (c) Russell Martin

Permission is hereby granted, free of charge, to any person obtaining a copy of this software and associated documentation files (the "Software"), to deal in the Software without restriction, including without limitation the rights to use, copy, modify, merge, publish, distribute, sublicense, and/or sell copies of the Software, and to permit persons to whom the Software is furnished to do so, subject to the following conditions:

The above copyright notice and this permission notice shall be included in all copies or substantial portions of the Software.


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