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The shitty ".qs" file (de-)serializer

Project description


Python library for serializing and deserializing a wonky format referred to as ".qs" files. For full format specification, please read through tests.test_serialize and tests.test_deserialize test suites and extrapolate.

Quick Start

Use Python ≥ 3.6 only. To install it, simply:

pip3 install qsck

Serializing Data

Via Python:

python3 -c "import qsck; print(qsck.serialize('LOG', '1553302923', [
    ('first_key', 'some value'),
    ('2nd_key', [('attr1', 'foo'), ('attr2', 'bar')]),
    ('3rd_key', {'subKey1': '-3', 'subKey2': None}),
    ('4th_key', None)

Out comes a ".qs" record, like so:

LOG,1553302923,first_key=some value,2nd_key={attr1=foo, attr2=bar},3rd_key={"subKey1":"-3","subKey2":null},4th_key=(null)

The library also supports serializing data by passing in a JSON file via the command-line tool qs-format, one record per line:

qs-format my-records.json > my-records.qs

Deserializing Data

Via Python:

python3 -c "import pprint, qsck; pprint.pprint(qsck.deserialize(
    'LOG,1553302923,first_key=some value,2nd_key={attr1=foo, \

Out comes a friendly Python collection:

 [('first_key', 'some value'),
  ('2nd_key', [('attr1', 'foo'), ('attr2', 'bar')]),
  ('3rd_key', {'subKey1': '-3', 'subKey2': None}),
  ('4th_key', None)])

The library-provided qs-parse command-line tool supports deserializing a whole ".qs" log file, emitting one JSON record per input line to stdout:

qs-parse my-records.qs > my-records.json 


Really? Very welcome. Do the usual fork-and-submit-PR thingy.

Running the tests:

python test


pip3 install --upgrade twine wheel setuptools
python sdist bdist_wheel
twine upload dist/*


0.3 - Better Deserialization

  • Adds support for funky "nested-nested lists" in .qs records
  • Squashing complex comma (,) values

0.2 – Deserialize Added

Adds support for de-serializing ".qs" records.

0.1 – Initial Release

Supports serializing ".qs" records.

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