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Advanced command line tool for QingStor.

Project description

qsctl is intended to be an advanced command line tool for QingStor, it provides powerful unix-like commands to let you manage QingStor resources just like files on local machine. Unix-like commands contains: cp, ls, mb, mv, rm, rb, and sync. All of them support batch processing.



$ pip install qsctl


$ sudo pip install qsctl

On Windows systems, run it in a command-prompt window with administrator privileges, and leave out sudo.

Getting Started

To use qsctl, there must be a configuration file , for example:

access_key_id: 'ACCESS_KEY_ID_EXAMPLE'
secret_access_key: 'SECRET_ACCESS_KEY_EXAMPLE'

The configuration file is ~/.qingstor/config.yaml by default, it also can be specified by the option -c /path/to/config.

You can also config other option like host , port and so on, just add lines below into configuration file, for example:

host: ''
port: 443
protocol: 'https'
connection_retries: 3
# Valid levels are 'debug', 'info', 'warn', 'error', and 'fatal'.
log_level: 'debug'

Available Commands

Commands supported by qsctl are listed below:


List QingStor keys under a prefix or all QingStor buckets.


Copy local file(s) to QingStor or QingStor key(s) to local.


Create a QingStor bucket.


Delete an empty QingStor bucket or forcibly delete nonempty QingStor bucket.


Move local file(s) to QingStor or QingStor key(s) to local.


Delete a QingStor key or keys under a prefix.


Sync between local directory and QingStor prefix.


Generate a pre-signed URL for an object.


List keys in bucket <mybucket> by running:

$ qsctl ls qs://mybucket
Directory                          test/
2016-04-03 11:16:04     4 Bytes    test1.txt
2016-04-03 11:16:04     4 Bytes    test2.txt

Sync from QingStor prefix to local directory:

$ qsctl sync qs://mybucket3/test/ test/
File 'test/' written
File 'test/' written

See the detailed usage and more examples with ‘qsctl help’ or ‘qsctl <command> help’.

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