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Quantify-scheduler is a python package for writing quantum programs featuring a hybrid gate-pulse control model with explicit timing control.

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Quantify is a python based data acquisition platform focused on Quantum Computing and solid-state physics experiments. It is build on top of QCoDeS and is a spiritual successor of PycQED. Quantify currently consists of quantify-core and quantify-scheduler.

Take a look at the latest documentation for quantify-scheduler or use the switch in the bottom of left panel to read the documentation for older releases.

Quantify-scheduler is a python module for writing quantum programs featuring a hybrid gate-pulse control model with explicit timing control. The control model allows quantum gate- and pulse-level descriptions to be combined in a clearly defined and hardware-agnostic way. Quantify-scheduler is designed to allow experimentalists to easily define complex experiments, and produces synchronized pulse schedules to be distributed to control hardware.


This is a pre-release alpha version, major changes are expected. Use for testing & development purposes only.


Quantify-scheduler is maintained by The Quantify consortium consisting of Qblox and Orange Quantum Systems.



The software is free to use under the conditions specified in the license.





0.7.0 Support for qblox-instruments v0.6.0, new BasicTransmonElement, change for triggers in Zhinst backend (2022-04-11)

Breaking changes

Merged branches and closed issues

  • QuantumDevice - The DeviceElement has been added as an abstract base class for elements to be added to a device (#148, !374).
  • QuantumDevice - The BasicTransmonElement has been added that generates a device config in a more structured manner (#246, !374).
  • QuantumDevice - Fixed a bug in the BasicTransmonElement where operations had clock-frequencies (float) specified instead of clocks (str) (!379).
  • QuantumDevice - The TransmonElement will be deprecated after version 0.8 (!374).

0.6.0 Full support for multiplexed readout, transmon element update, fixes to backends (2022-03-10)

Breaking changes

  • Compilation - Deprecated add_pulse_information_transmon in favor of compilation.backends.circuit_to_device.compile_circuit_to_device (#64, #67, !339).
  • Compilation - attempting compilation with missing values in the DeviceCompilationConfig configuration will now raise validation errors. Be sure to set initial values when generating a config using the QuantumDevice object (!339)
  • Compilation - Device compile making use of .compile_circuit_to_device no longer modifies the input schedule (#249, !339).
  • Compilation - When specifying multiple timing constraints for a schedulable, the constraint specifying the latest time determines the absolute time of the shedulable (!309)
  • Gettables - ScheduleGettableSingleChannel renamed to ScheduleGettable as it now supports multiple acquisition channels (!299).
  • Hardware config - Removed the need for a ic_ prefix from the hardware config (!312).
  • Instrument Coordinator - IC now adds a GenericInstrumentCoordinatorComponent to itself on instantiation by default (!350)
  • Instrument Coordinator - IC stop function has an allow_failure parameter which allows IC components attached to it to fail to stop with warning instead of raising errors. Allows for situations when some components cannot have a stop instruction sent before the prepare stage. (!359)
  • Operations - The internal behavior of how acquisition channels and acquisition indices are configured in the Measure operation has changed slightly. See #262 for details. (!339).
  • Operations - Added “operation_type” key to the schema. (!345)
  • Structure - Schedule.timing_constraints has been renamed to Schedule.schedulables. It now points to a dictionary of schedulables rather than a list of dicts. (!309)
  • Structure - Pydantic-based model is now used for the data structures. (!341)
  • Visualization - Deprecated plot_circuit_diagram_mpl and plot_pulse_diagram_mpl in ScheduleBase in favour of plot_circuit_diagram and plot_pulse_diagram (!313)
  • Qblox backend - Strictly requires v0.5.4 of the qblox-instruments package (!314)
  • Zhinst backend - Due to !312, the csv files used to upload the waveforms to the UHFQA no longer use the ic_ prefix in their filenames. (!334)
  • Zhinst backend - Fixes bug when doing SSRO experiments. No more duplicated shots. Adds support for BinMode.APPEND during compilation. (#276, !358)
  • Zhinst backend - Removed latency and line_trigger_delay keys in the channels of the devices for the Zhinst hardware config. (!363)
  • Zhinst backend - Added latency_corrections main entry in the Zhinst hardware config for latency corrections on a port-clock combination basis. (!363)

Merged branches and closed issues

  • Compilation - Added a new compilation backend compilation.backends.circuit_to_device.compile_circuit_to_device for the quantum-circuit to quantum-device layer (#64, #67, !339).
  • Compilation - Fixed add_pulse_information_transmon when using “Trace” acquisition mode (!300)
  • Compilation - Fixed the deprecation warnings from pandas DataFrame.append. (!347)
  • Docs - Pinning qcodes package to <0.32.0 due to Read the Docs API reference failure (!361)
  • Gettables - ScheduleGettable now first stops all instruments in IC during initialization (!324)
  • Schedules - Adds a multiplexing verification schedule. (!329)
  • Operations - Sudden Net Zero from Negirneac 2021 added to the pulse_library (!339)
  • Operations - Docstrings for the X90, X, Y90, Y, and Rxy gate unitary have been aligned with literature. (#261, !305)
  • Operations - Adds an optional “data” argument to staircase pulse. (!335)
  • Pulse library - Added ShiftClockPhase operation that can be used to shift the phase of a clock during execution of a Schedule (!346)
  • Pulse library - Added a numerically defined pulse. (!157)
  • QuantumDevice - Unknown values are initialized as float(‘nan’) (#274, !356)
  • TransmonElement - Corrected the motzoi parameter range validator. (!351)
  • Visualization - Adds visualisation of acquisitions to plotly pulse diagrams (!304)
  • Visualization - Add plot_pulse_diagram and plot_circuit_diagram to schedule for easier method names, and enable plotly visualization directly from ScheduleBase (!313)
  • Utilities - Migrates the utilities from quantify-core. (!357)
  • Generic ICC - Adds support for nested parameters. (!330)
  • Qblox ICCs - Stop now disables sync on all sequencers to prevent hanging during next run, where it gets re-enabled if needed (!324)
  • Qblox ICCs - _QRMAcquisitionManager._get_scope_data now has correct return type (#232, !300)
  • Qblox ICCs - Fixed bug where QRM scope mode sequencer does not get set correctly (!342)
  • Qblox ICCs - Fixed reference source cluster issue when it is not being set correctly. (!323)
  • Qblox backend - NCO phase now gets reset every averaging loop (!337)
  • Qblox backend - Enables RF output switch at the start of a program. (!344)
  • Qblox backend - Added logic for changing the NCO phase during execution of a Schedule (!346)
  • Qblox backend - Added ability to correct for latency by delaying program execution on a per sequencer basis (!325)
  • Qblox backend - Compilation with local oscillators changed to work with generic instrument coordinator components (!306)
  • Qblox backend - Refactored operation handling and greatly increased test coverage (!301).
  • Qblox backend - Made max duration of wait instructions (!319).
  • Qblox backend - Fixed an issue with the downconverter frequency correction. (!318)
  • Qblox backend - Temporary fix for a floating point rounding error when calculating the length of pulses. (#284, !365)
  • Zhinst backend - Fixed the ZI resolver return typehint. (!307)
  • Zhinst backend - Fixed an issue when compiling seqc programs for multiple sequencers end up overwriting the first sequencer. (!340, #260)

0.5.2 Fixes to backends, and other incremental fixes (2021-12-08)

Breaking changes

  • Dependency on jsonschema has been replaced with fastjsonschema. (!284, !293)
  • Zhinst hardware config json schema has changed. See the example schema. (!283)
  • In hardware_compile function, the hardware_map is changed to hardware_cfg parameter. (!279)
  • Remove enum tools dependency (!270)

Merged branches and closed issues

  • Compilation - The determine_absolute_scheduling function now sorts the list of labels in the timing constraints, and then a binary search (via np.searchsorted) is applied. (!272, !274)
  • Compilation - Make device_cfg an optional argument of qcompile(!281)
  • Compilation - renamed the hardware_mapping argument of qcompile into hardware_cfg (#165, !279)
  • Compilation - Introduced the hardware_compile function to perform the hardware compilation returning a CompiledSchedule (#224, !279)
  • Docs - Updating user guide to mention correctly the QuantumDevice and ScheduleGettable(s) available. (!209)
  • Infrastructure - Adds rich package in the requirements since tutorials use it. (!276)
  • Operations - The locate function now uses the functools.lru_cache to cache the result (only for python >= 3.8). For python 3.7, behaviour remains the same. (!273, !275)
  • Operations - Resolved a minor issue where identical Rxy rotations (for angles >360) would be treated as separate operations in a schedule (!263)
  • Visualization - Adds a function plot_acquisition_operations which together with the new AcquisitionOperation class will help highlight acquisition pulses in the pulse diagrams. (!271, !277)
  • Zhinst backend - Large parts of the Zhinst backend have been rewritten. This should resolve a range of issues. (!263)
    • Calculation of the timelines for different operations now makes using of a timing table, improving code readability and debugability.
    • Timing issues related to triggering should be resolved (#218)
    • The backend can now always use the same hardware configuration file (#214)
    • Acquisition is now done using the StartQA instruction (#213)
    • error handling in the Zhinst backend has been improved catching several exceptions at compile time of the schedule instead of manifesting in unexpected results during runtime.
    • Local oscillators through the ZI backend uses the GenericInstrumentCoordinatorComponent. Configures other parameters other than frequency. (!283, #204)
  • Qblox backend - only check major and minor version when checking compatibility with the qblox_instruments package (!290)
    • Added support for the Qblox Downconverter (!297)
    • Added workaround for staircase_amplitude. (!292)
    • Fix looped acquisition integration time, fix acquire index offset by one (!291)
    • Qblox instruments version == 0.5.3 (!289)
    • Fix sequencer_sync_en not being reset in the qblox instrument coordinator component. (!285)
    • Fix rounding of time to samples in qblox backend (!282)
    • Fix pulse stitching at zero amplitude. (!280)
    • Allow instruction generated staircase with modulation (!278)
  • Utilities - Improve JSON validation speed (!284)
  • Utilities - Improve operation deserialization speed (!273)
  • Bugfix - For calculating the pulse area, the mathematical area is used instead of area of sampled pulse. (!242, !286)
  • Bugfix - Fix for plot window operations (!294)

0.5.1 Incremental fixes, refactoring, and addition of convenience methods and classes (2021-11-11)

Breaking changes

  • InstrumentCoordinator - last_schedule is now a property (!252).
  • Structure - We have refactored the Operation and Schedule classes out of the types module and moved the different operation libraries (acquisition_library, gate_library, and pulse_library) (#217, !256).
    • quantify_scheduler.types.Operation -> quantify_scheduler.operations.operation.Operation, the import quantify_scheduler.Operation still works.
    • quantify_scheduler.types.Schedule -> quantify_scheduler.schedules.schedule.Schedule, the import quantify_scheduler.Schedule still works.
    • quantify_scheduler.types.CompiledSchedule -> quantify_scheduler.schedules.schedule.CompiledSchedule
    • quantify_scheduler.types.ScheduleBase -> quantify_scheduler.schedules.schedule.ScheduleBase
    • quantify_scheduler.types.AcquisitionMetadata -> quantify_scheduler.schedules.schedule.AcquisitionMetadata
    • quantify_scheduler.acquisition_library -> quantify_scheduler.operations.acquisition_library
    • quantify_scheduler.gate_library -> quantify_scheduler.operations.gate_library
    • quantify_scheduler.pulse_library -> quantify_scheduler.operations.pulse_library

Merged branches and closed issues

  • Control - Add option to set output port in heterodyne_spec_sched (!262)
  • Control - Expand SingleChannelScheduleGettable to support trace acquisitions (!248)
  • Control - Update create_dc_compensation_pulse behaviour and docstring. (!244)
  • Control - Refactor ScheduleGettableSingleChannel (!240, !249)
  • Control - Reduce the default init_duration of spectroscopy schedules (!237)
  • Generic ICC - Added a GenericInstrumentCoordinatorComponent. (!267)
  • ICCs - InstrumentCoordinatorComponentBase now has a force_set_parameter as a ManualParameter to enable the user to switch the lazy_set behaviour when setting parameters of the instruments connected to the InstrumentCoordinatorComponent. (!267)
  • Qblox ICCs - Adds a lazy_set behaviour by default when setting parameters with the same value to an instrument connected to the Qblox ICC. (!230)
  • Visualization - made matplotlib schedule visualization methods accessible as methods plot_circuit_diagram_mpl and plot_pulse_diagram_mpl of the Schedule class (!253)
  • Visualization - resolved a bug where a schedule was modified when drawing a circuit diagram (#197, !250)
  • Visualization - Add support for window operation to transmon backend (!245)
  • Infrastructure - Fix and enhance pre-commit + add to CI (!257, !265)
  • Infrastructure - Added prospector config file for CI. (!261)
  • Bugfix - Removed redundant determine_absolute_timing step in qcompile. (!259)
  • Bugfix - Ramp pulse sampling utilizing np.linspace behaviour changed. (!258)
  • Docs - Adds the new Quantify logo similar to quantify_core. (!266)
  • Docs - Enhance documentation of public API for reimported modules [imports aliases] (!254)
  • Docs - Fixes the funcparserlib error in rtd. (!251)
  • Docs - Updated Qblox backend docs to include the new features. (!247)

0.5.0 Expanded feature sets hardware compilation backends (2021-10-25)

Breaking changes

  • The schedules.timedomain_schedules.allxy_sched function no longer accepts the string “All” as an argument to the element_select_idx keyword.
  • The QuantumDevice.cfg_nr_averages parameter was renamed to QuantumDevice.cfg_sched_repetitions
  • The call signature of gettables.ScheduleVectorAcqGettable has been renamed to gettables.ScheduleGettableSingleChannel, and the call signature has been updated according to #36 to no longer accept several keyword arguments.
  • Qblox Backend - The NCO phase is now reset at the start of a program (!213).
  • Qblox Backend - Compilation now requires qblox_instruments version 0.5.0, 0.5.1 or 0.5.2 (!214, !221).

Merged branches and closed issues

  • Compilation - Added the ability to specify the BinMode at the quantum-circuit layer (#183, !180).
  • Compilation - qcompile no longer modifies schedules (#102, !178).
  • Control - Added a first version of the QuantumDevice object (#148, !180).
  • Control - A single-qubit ScheduleGettable has been added (#36, !180).
  • Docs - Added bibliography with sphinxcontrib-bibtex extension (!171).
  • Docs - Fixed missing files in API reference (!176).
  • InstrumentCoordinator - CompiledSchedule class added to specify interfaces of InstrumentCoordinator and compilation functions (#174, !177).
  • InstrumentCoordinator - CompiledSchedule.last_schedule method added to provide access to last executed schedule (#167, !177).
  • Qblox Backend - Added support for qblox_instruments version 0.4.0 (new acquisition path) (!143).
  • Qblox Backend - Added support for real time mixer corrections rather than pre-distorting the uploaded waveforms (!192).
  • Qblox Backend - Waveforms are now compared using the normalized data array rather than the parameterized description (!182).
  • Qblox Backend - Support for append bin mode (#184, !180).
  • Qblox Backend - Support for using real value pulses on arbitrary outputs added (!142).
  • Qblox Backend - Compilation now supports 6 sequencers for both the QCM as well as the QRM (!142).
  • Qblox Backend - Support for a cluster, along with its QCM, QRM, QCM-RF and QRM-RF modules (!164)
  • Qblox Backend - Registers are now dynamically allocated during compilation (!195)
  • Zhinst backend - No exception is raised when an LO that is in the config is not part of a schedule. (#203, !223)
  • Zhinst backend - Instrument coordinator components for ZI will only be configured when the settings used to configure it have changed (#196, !227)
  • Zhinst backend - Solved a bug that caused single-sideband demodulation to not be configured correctly when using the UHFQA (!227)
  • Zhinst backend - Warnings raised during compilation of seqc programs will no longer raise an exception but will use logging.warning (!227)
  • Zhinst backend - resolved a bug where the instrument coordinator cannot write waveforms to the UHFQA if it has never been used before (!227)
  • Zhinst backend - resolved a bug where multiple identical measurements in a schedule would result in multiple integration weights being uploaded to the UFHQA (#207, !234)
  • Zhinst backend - resolved a bug where the UHFQA would not be triggered properly when executing a schedule with multiple samples (batched mode) (#205, !234)
  • Qblox ICCs - Compensated integration time for Qblox QRM IC component (!199).
  • Qblox ICCs - Added error handling for error flags given by get_sequencer_state (!215)
  • QuantumDevice - Added docstrings to the TransmonElement parameters (!216, !218)
  • Qblox ICCs - QCoDeS parameters are now only set if they differ from the value in the cache (!230)
  • Visualization - Allow user defined axis for plotting circuit diagram (!206)
  • Visualization - Adds schedule plotting using matplotlib and a WindowOperation to help visualize pulse diagrams (!225, !232)
  • Other - Added method sample_schedule to sample a Schedule (!212)
  • Other - The RampPulse has an extra (optional) parameter offset (!211)
  • Other - Updated existing schedules to make use of the acquisition index (#180, !180).
  • Other - Added a function to extract acquisition metadata from a schedule (#179, !180).
  • Other - The soft square waveform can now be evaluated with only one datapoint without raising an exception (!235)
  • Other - Added a function that generates a square pulse that compensates DC components of a sequence of pulses (!173)

0.4.0 InstrumentCoordinator and improvements to backends (2021-08-06)

Breaking changes

  • Change of namespace from quantify.scheduler.* to quantify_scheduler.*

Merged branches and closed issues

  • Changes the namespace from quantify.scheduler to quantify_scheduler (!124)
  • InstrumentCoordinator - Add is_running property and wait_done method. Closes #133 (!140)
  • InstrumentCoordinator - Add instrument coordinator reference parameter to transmon element (!152)
  • InstrumentCoordinator - Prefix serialized settings for ZI ControlStack components. (!149)
  • InstrumentCoordinator - Refactored ControlStack name to InstrumentCoordinator (!151)
  • InstrumentCoordinator - Make use of InstrumentRefParameters (!144)
  • InstrumentCoordinator - Add controlstack class (!70)
  • InstrumentCoordinator - Add Zurich Instruments InstrumentCoordinatorComponent. (!99)
  • InstrumentCoordinator - Add Qblox InstrumentCoordinatorComponent. (!112)
  • InstrumentCoordinator - Avoid garbage collection for instrument coordinator components (!162)
  • Qblox backend - Removed limit in Qblox backend that keeps the QCM sequencer count at 2 (!135)
  • Qblox backend - Restructured compilation using external local oscillators. (!116)
  • Qblox backend - Added Chirp and Staircase pulses; and efficient implementation for QD spin qubit experiments (!106)
  • Qblox backend - Only run start_sequencer on pulsar instruments which have been armed (!156)
  • Zhinst backend - Assert current with new sequence program to skip compilation (!131)
  • Zhinst backend - Deserialize zhinst settings from JSON to ZISettingsBuilder (!130)
  • Zhinst backend - Add waveform mixer skewness corrections (!103)
  • Zhinst backend - Add backend option to enable Calibration mode (#103, !123)
  • Zhinst backend - Replace weights string array with a numerical array in JSON format (!148)
  • Zhinst backend - Add grouping of instrument settings (!133)
  • Zhinst backend - Add qcompile tests for the zurich instruments backend (!118)
  • Zhinst backend - Add repetitions parameter (!138)
  • Zhinst backend - Fixes the bug where the seqc in the datadir is not copied to the webserver location. (!165)
  • Fix for circuit diagram plotting failure after pulse scheduling (#157, !163)
  • Fixed typo in the gate_info of the Y gate in the gate_library (!155)
  • Add artificial detuning in Ramsey Schedule and bug fixes (!120)
  • Use individual loggers per python file (!134)
  • Recolour draw circuit diagram mpl (!96)
  • Fix issues with timedomain schedules (!145)
  • Renamed input parameters of quantify_scheduler.schedules.* functions. (!136)
  • Added acquisitions to circuit diagram (!93)
  • Add string representations to acquisition protocols of the acquisitions library (!114)
  • Transmon element and config generation (!75)
  • Rename operation_hash to operation_repr (!122)
  • Add types.Schedule from_json conversion (!119)
  • Add missing return types (!121)
  • Add serialization to Operations (!110)

0.3.0 Multiple backends support (2021-05-20)

  • Added support for both Qblox and Zurich Instrument backends.
  • Added convenience pylintrc configuration file.
  • Added examples for timedomain and spectroscopy schedules.

Breaking changes

  • Major refactor of the Qblox backend. (For example, it’s now quantify_core.backends.qblox_backend instead of the previous quantify_core.backends.pulsar_backend)
  • Qblox backend requires strictly v0.3.2 of the qblox-instruments package.

Merged branches and closed issues

  • Add mixer skewness corrections helper function. (!102)
  • Added Qblox backend support. (!81)
  • Compile backend with ZISettingsBuilder. (!87)
  • Add vscode IDE config files. (!100)
  • Add ZISettingsBuilder class. (!86)
  • Added representation to gates in gate library and defined equality operation. (!101)
  • Fix/operation duration. Fixes #107. (!89)
  • Feat/long pulses fix validators name. (!90)
  • Implemented long square pulses unrolling (for waveform-memory-limited devices). (!83)
  • Changed Qblox-Instruments version to 0.3.2. (!88)
  • Feature: Improve overall zhinst backend timing. (!77)
  • Plotly cleanup. (!69)
  • Pulsar backend version bump. (!82)
  • Added zhinst backend support. (!49)
  • Added example timedomain programs. (!71)
  • Added example spectroscopy programs. (!64)
  • Added pylintrc configuration file. (!55)
  • Added repetitions property to Schedule. (!56)
  • Added Acquisition Protocols. (!51)
  • Hotfix for filename sanitization pulsar backend. (!61)
  • Pulsar backend function sanitization. (!60)
  • Potential fix time-out pulsar. (!58)
  • Updated Pulsar backend version to v0.2.3.. (!57)
  • Fixed datadir related bugs. (!54)
  • Added Station implementation. (!52)
  • Pulsar backend v0.2.2 check. (!48)
  • Fix for issue with acq delay. (!45)
  • Fix for issue #52. (!44)
  • Add artificial detuning to Ramsey schedule (!120)
  • Added support for the Qblox Pulsar QCM-RF/QRM-RF devices (!158)

0.2.0 Hybrid pulse- gate-level control model (2021-01-14)

  • Major refactor of the scheduler resource code enabling hybrid pulse- gate-level control.
  • Moved quantify_scheduler.types.Resource class to a separate quantify_scheduler.resources module.
  • Adds a BasebandClockResource class within the newly created quantify_scheduler.resources module.
  • Moved QRM and QCM related classes to the quantify_scheduler.backends.pulsar_backend module.
  • In quantify_scheduler.compilation, rename of function ‘_determine_absolute_timing’ to ‘determine_absolute_timing’. Argument changed from clock_unit to time_unit.
  • In quantify_scheduler.compilation, rename of function ‘_add_pulse_information_transmon’ to ‘add_pulse_information_transmon’.
  • Added ramp waveform in quantify_scheduler.waveforms.
  • Added schemas for operation and transmon_cfg.
  • Added a basic hybrid visualisation for pulses using new addressing scheme.
  • Operations check whether an operation is a valid gate or pulse.
  • Refactor of visualization module. Moved quantify_scheduler.backends.visualization to quantify_scheduler.visualization module. Expect code breaking reorganization and changes to function names.
  • Pulsar backend version now checks for QCM and QRM drivers version 0.1.2.

Merged branches and closed issues

  • fix(pulse_scheme): Add tickformatstops for x-axis using SI-unit ‘seconds’. Closes #39. (!39)
  • Resolve “y-axis label is broken in plotly visualization after resources-refactor”. Closes #45. (!38)
  • Resources refactor (!28, !29, !30)
  • Hybrid visualisation for pulses and circuit gate operations. Closes #22 and #6. (!27)
  • Support Pulsar parameterisation from scheduler. Support feature for #29. (!2)
  • Operation properties to check if an operation is a valid gate or pulse. Closes #28 (!25)
  • Visualisation refactor. Closes #26. (!22)
  • Windows job (!20)
  • Changed Pulsar backend version check from 0.1.1 to 0.1.2. (!21)

0.1.0 (2020-10-21)

  • Refactored scheduler functionality from quantify-core into quantify-scheduler
  • Support for modifying Pulsar params via the sequencer #54 (!2)
  • Simplification of compilation through qcompile (!1)
  • Qubit resources can be parameters of gates #11 (!4)
  • Circuit diagram visualization of operations without no pulse info raises exception #5 (!5)
  • Pulsar backend verifies driver and firmware versions of hardware #14 (!6)
  • Sequencer renamed to scheduler #15 (!7)
  • Documentation update to reflect refactor #8 (!8)
  • Refactor circuit diagram to be more usable !10 (relates to #6)
  • Unify API docstrings to adhere to NumpyDocstring format !11
  • Changes to addressing of where a pulse is played !9 (#10)
  • Renamed doc -docs folder for consistency #18 (!12)
  • Moved test folder outside of project #19 (!14)
  • Add copyright notices and cleanup documenation #21 (!13)
  • Add installation tip for plotly dependency in combination with jupyter #24 (!15)


  • # denotes a closed issue.
  • ! denotes a merge request.

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