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A Quart extension to provide trio support

Project description

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Quart-Trio is an extension for Quart to support the Trio event loop. This is an alternative to using the asyncio event loop present in the Python standard library and supported by default in Quart.


QuartTrio can be installed via pip,

$ pip install quart-trio

and requires Python 3.7.0 or higher (see python version support for reasoning).

A minimal Quart example is,

from quart import websocket
from quart_trio import QuartTrio

app = QuartTrio(__name__)

async def hello():
    return 'hello'

async def ws():
    while True:
        await websocket.send('hello')

if the above is in a file called it can be run as,

$ python

To deploy in a production setting see the deployment documentation.


Quart-Trio is developed on GitHub. You are very welcome to open issues or propose merge requests.


The best way to test Quart-Trio is with Tox,

$ pip install tox
$ tox

this will check the code style and run the tests.


The Quart-Trio and Quart documentation are the best places to start, after that try searching stack overflow, if you still can’t find an answer please open an issue.

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