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Raincoat-prowlarr is a tool to search torrents using jackett and search torrents and nzb files using prowlarr/jackett/MovieInfo and send them to your client.

Project description


Raincoat_prowlarr is a CLI tool to search torrents using Jackett's indexers or Prowlarr and send them directly to your client. Prowlarr supports NZB indexer.


`pip install raincoat-prowlarr


  • Python 3.6+
  • Jackett and configured indexers
  • Or Prowlarr and configure indexers
  • qBittorrent, Transmission or Deluge (or use local download option)
  • nzbget, downloader for nzb files
  • libtorrent if you use local downloader and magnet links.
    • Arch: pacman -S libtorrent-rasterbar
    • Ubuntu: apt-get install python-libtorrent -y
    • Fedora: dnf install rb_libtorrent-python2


raincoat_prowlarr "Terms to search"


  • --indexer_manager
    • specify the indexer manager to search; prowlarr or jackett
  • --jackett_ key
    • Specify a Jackett API key
  • --prowlarr_ key
    • Specify a Prowlarr API key
  • -l, --length
    • Max number of characters displayed in the "Description" column.
  • -L, --limit
    • Limits the number of results displayed.
  • -c, --config
    • Specifies a different config path.
  • -s, --sort
    • Change the sorting criteria. Valid choices are: 'cn','protocol','seeders', 'leechers', 'ratio', 'size' and 'description'. Default/not specified is 'cn/size'. cn is chinese subtitle. protocol is usenet/torrent, if not specified, torrent has high priority or vice versa.
  • --jackett_indexer
    • Change the indexer for Jackett used for your search, in cases where you want to only search one site. Default is "all".
  • --prowlarr_indexer
    • Change the indexer for prowlarr used for your search, in cases where you want to only search one site. Default is "". "" for all; -1 for all usenet; -2 for all torrents. look at
  • -d, --download x
    • Grab the first x resultd and send to the client immediately. Defaults to 1.
  • -K, --insecure
    • Don't verify certificates
  • --local
    • Force use of "local" file download.
  • --list
    • Specify a file to load search terms from. One term per line.
  • --verbose
    • Extra verbose logging sent to log file.

Configuration file

Upon installation, a config file is created in your home directory. Before you can use Raincoat, you will need to modify it.

    "indexer_manager": "prowlarr",
	"jackett_apikey": "",
	"jackett_url": "http://your_base_jackett_url:port",
	"jackett_indexer": "all",
	"prowlarr_apikey": "",
	"prowlarr_url": "http://you_base_prowlarr_url:port",
    "prowlarr_indexer": "",
	"description_length": 100,
	"exclude": "words to exclude",
	"results_limit": 20,
	"client_url": "http://your_torrent_client_api",
	"display": "grid",
	"torrent_client": "qbittorrent",
	"torrent_client_username": "admin",
	"torrent_client_password": "admin",
	"download_dir": "/some/directory/",
	"nzbget_url": "http://your_nzb_server_url",
    "nzbget_username**: "***",
    "nzbget_password**: "***",
    "nzbget_port": 6789

  • indexer_manager (string)
    • indexer manager to search. jackett or prowlarr
  • jackett_apikey (string)
    • The api key provided by Jackett, found on the dashboard.
  • jackett_url (string)
  • jackett_indexer (string)
    • The jackett indexer you wish to use for searches.
  • prowlarr_apikey (string)
    • The api key provided by Prowlarr, found on the dashboard.
  • prowlarr_url (string)
    • The base url for your prowlarr instance. (default: not sure)
  • prowlarr_indexer (string)
    • The prowlarr indexer you wish to use for searches.
  • description_length (int)
    • The default description length
  • exclude (string)
    • Words to exclude from your results seperated by a space.
  • results_limit (int)
    • Max number of lines to show.
  • client_url (string)
    • The url to your torrent client's API
  • display (string)
    • The display style of the results table. You can view available choices here
  • torrent_client (string)
    • Your torrent client. Valid options are: local, qbittorrent, transmission and deluge.
  • torrent_client_username (string)
    • Your torrent client's login username.
  • torrent_client_password
    • Your torrent client's login password. Note: Only Transmission accepts empty passwords.
  • download_dir
    • Where to save the torrent files when using "local" downloader.
  • nzbget_url (string)
    • url for nzbget server
  • nzbget_username (string)
    • nzbget username
  • nzbget_password (string)
    • nzbget pasword
  • nzbget_port (int)
    • nzbget port

Built with

  • requests
  • justlog
  • colorama
  • tabulate
  • transmission-clutch
  • deluge-client
  • python-qbittorrent

All available on Pypi.


This project is licensed under the MIT License

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