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Random data generator for IDs, names, emails, passwords, dates, numbers, addresses, images, OTPs etc. for dummy entries.

Project description


Random data generator for IDs, names, emails, passwords, dates, numbers, addresses, images, OTPs etc. This package includes data like names and addresses regarding Indian regions.


To install package from python-pip:

$ pip install randominfo


This package provides dummy data like...

  • Name: First name, last name and full name.
  • Gender: Male or female.
  • Birthdate: Date generation based on given age range.
  • Email: Email address generation.
  • Password: Password generation based on specified pattern.
  • Phone: Mobile number generation based on given country code.
  • Address: Full address generation including street address, landmark, area, state, country, country and pincode of India.
  • Unique ID: ID generator based on specific pre-fix value or next value based on given value or with random values.
  • Profile Image: profile image generator based on specified gender or alphabetic character.
  • Hobbies: random hobbies selector.
  • OTPs: OTP generation with different types like only digits, only alphabets or digits and alphabets both.
  • Other: random int or float number generation based on specific range or any value.


get_first_name(gender = None):

  • Desc.: Returns the first name and the gender.
  • Argument value: gender = 'male' or 'female'.
  • Return value: String value.


  • Desc.: Returns the last name.
  • Return value: String value.

get_full_name(gender = None):

  • Desc.: Returns the first and last name.
  • Arguments: gender = 'male' or 'female'.
  • Return value: String value (Combined first name and last name).


  • Desc.: Returns the gender from the first name.
  • Arguments: first_name for selecting gender based on first name.
  • Return value: String value - 'male' or 'female'.

get_country(first_name = None):

  • Desc.: Returns the country from the first name.
  • Arguments: first_name for selecting country based on first name. If first name is not specified then it will return random country name.
  • Return value: String value.

get_birthdate(startAge = None, endAge = None, _format = '%d %b, %Y'):

  • Desc.: Generates random date or the date specified between years from the starting age or ending age.
  • Arguments:
    • startAge: The starting age for year.
    • endAge: The ending age for year.
    • _format: Specifies the format of the date.
  • Return value: Date as string.

get_otp(length = 6, digit = True, alpha = True, lowercase = True, uppercase = True):

  • Desc.: Generates one time password or random value in specified length of characters.
  • Arguments:
    • onlyDigits: Allow only digits in random string.
    • onlyAlpha: Allow only alphabets in random string.
    • lowercase: Allow only lowercase alphabets in random string.
    • uppercase: Allow only uppercase alphabets in random string.
  • Return value: String value.

get_formatted_datetime(outFormat, strDate, strFormat = "%d-%m-%Y %H:%M:%S"):

  • Desc.: Convert string date into datetime object in specified format.
  • Arguments:
    • outFormat: A format in which we want output.
    • strDate: A date which we want to convert.
    • _format: A date format of which we have specified in strDate argument.
  • Return value: Datetime object in specified format.

get_email(Person = None):

  • Desc.: Random email generator.
  • Arguments: Person: Person object. Function will generate a random email address related to specified person.
  • Return value: Email address as string.

random_password(length = 8, special_chars = True, digits = True):

  • Desc.: Generates random password of specified length and it includes special characters like !, @, #, $, %, ^, &, * and digits.
  • Arguments:
    • length: The length of password.
    • special_chars: True if we want to include special characters in password.
    • digits: True if we want to include digits in password.
  • Return value: Password as string.

get_alphabet_profile_img(char, filePath, imgName, charColor = None, bgColor = None):

  • Desc.: Generates image of specified character with background color and it stores on specified file path with given file name.
  • Arguments:
    • char: A character for writing in image.
    • filePath: A path where the image will store.
    • imgName: A name of image file.
    • charColor: Character color name.
    • bgColor: Background color name.
  • Return value: A full path of stored image.

get_face_profile_img(filePath, imgName, gender = None):

  • Desc.: Generates random person's image.
  • Arguments:
    • filePath: A full path from root to file name. Specifies where to store image.
    • gender: To generates image from specified gender's person. 'male' or 'female'.
  • Return value: A full path of stored image.

get_today(_format = "%d-%m-%Y %H:%M:%S"):

  • Desc.: Generates today's datetime in specified format.
  • Arguments:
    • _format: A format for generating today's datetime.
  • Return value: String value.

get_datetime(tstamp = None, _format = '%d %b, %Y'):

  • Desc.: Returns the random or timestamp datetime in specified format.
  • Arguments:
    • tstamp: Generates date based on specified timestamp.
    • _format: Specifies the format of the date.
  • Return value: Date as string.


  • Desc.: Generates random address with street name, landmark, area, city, state and pincode.
  • Return value: [street, landmark, area, city, state, pincode] | Type: List.


  • Desc.: Generates minimum 1 and maximum 6 hobbies.
  • Return value: [hobby1, hobby2, ..., hobby6] | Type: List.



  • Desc.: An object which holds information related to a person. Information like first name, last name, gender, birthdate, phone number, email address, password, country, hobbies and address.
  • Variables:
    • Person.first_name: Returns the first name of a person.
    • Person.last_name: Returns the last name of a person.
    • Person.full_name: Returns the full name of a person.
    • Person.gender: Returns the gender of a person.
    • Person.birthdate: Returns the birthdate of a person.
    • Returns the phone number of a person.
    • Returns the email address of a person.
    • Person.password: Returns the password of a person.
    • Returns the country of a person.
    • Person.hobbies: Returns the hobbies of a person.
    • Person.address: Returns the address of a person.
    • Person.custom_attr: Returns the list of custom attributes specified for a person.
  • Functions:
    • Person.set_attr(attr_name, value = None):
      • Desc.: Set the custom attribute of a person.
      • Arguments.:
        • attr_name: Attribute name for a person.
        • value: Value for specified attribute.
      • Return value: Attribute attr_name is added.
    • Person.get_attr(attr_name):
      • Desc.: Returns the value of attribute specified for a person.
      • Arguments.:
        • attr_name: Attribute name of a person.
      • Return value: Attribute value as string.
    • Person.get_details(): Returns all the details of a person. Type: Dictionary.


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