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Rapido for Plone

Project description


**Happy hacking with Plone**

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What for?

Creating a small form able to send an email, or to store some data, generating
some extra information about a page and inserting it wherever we want: with Plone
these kind of tasks are complex for experts, and almost impossible for beginners.

**rapido.plone** allows any developer having a little knowledge of HTML and a
little knowledge of Python to implement custom elements and insert them anywhere
they want in their Plone site.


The unique interface to build applications with rapido.plone is the **Plone
theming tool**.

This means that it can be done on the **file system** or through the
**inline theming editor**.

A Rapido application is just a part of our current theme; it can be
imported, exported, copied, modified, etc. like the rest of the theme.

Moreover, we can use `Diazo <>`_ extensively to
inject our application in the Plone layout easily.

Documentation and screencast

- Full `Rapido documentation <>`_.

- `Rapido Spanish documentation <>`_.

- How to implement a rating system in 3'33'' (`tutorial <>`_,
`screencast <>`_).

- How to implement a glossary system as a tool to manage a list of terms (`tutorial <>`_).

- How to use Rapido to create custom SearchableText field (`tutorial <>`_).

- `example.rapidoplone <>`_, is a source code package for differents examples "rapido.plone" apps.



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- Leonardo J. Caballero G.,


1.1.1 (2017-04-22)

New features:

- Added Spanish translation for the rapido.plone documentation.

- Added i18n support for the rapido.plone documentation.

Bug fixes:

- Updated the source code from the rapido.plone tutorial about the rating app.

- Updated the rapido.plone tutorial documentation about the rating app.

- Make it work in an Archetypes free environment:
Bind event handlers directly on the OFS.Image.File class,
because there is no specific interface in OFS.
The additional set interface from was Archetypes only.
It is no longer availabe if Archetypes and its dependencies is not available.

- Fix content rules Rapido app call

1.1 (2016-12-18)

Breaking changes:

- rapido.plone requires plone.resource 1.2

New features:

- Allow to locate a Rapido app outside the current theme

- Expose Rapido blocks as first-class Plone views
[jpgimenez, ebrehault]

1.0.3 (2016-09-19)

- Add book use case

- Return unicode when loading templates

1.0.2 (2016-04-09)

- Add rapidoLoad Javascript event

- Allow to inject parent request path in Rapido path

- Support TAL templates

- Set content properly when calling block from content rule

- External call to Rapido elements using @@rapido-call

- API to access an external Rapido app

1.0.1 (2016-01-06)

- Ajax links

- Better context.content computing and reinjection

1.0 (2015-11-17)

- Initial release.

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