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A python rate limiter module with multi-process support and a simple, intuitive API

Project description


There's a bunch of python rate limiting modules out there, but they all seem to suffer from similar problems:

  • Weird APIs, usually inflexible decorators that you need to wrap your calls in
  • Lack of multiprocessing support (eg, two processes will be unaware of each other, and thus double the intended rate)
  • Unnecessary coupling to other libraries

ratemate, meanwhile, gives you a simple RateLimit object that avoids all these problems.

It works like this. Declare a RateLimit as follows:

from ratemate import RateLimit

rate_limit = RateLimit(max_count=2, per=5)  # 2 requests per 5 seconds

Then call .wait() appropriately when you need to limit the rate.

For instance, here's an example when creating multiple threads with concurrent.futures. First the original rate-unlimited code:

from concurrent.futures import ThreadPoolExecutor, as_completed

def task(n):
    print(f"  task {n} called")
    return n

futures = []

with ThreadPoolExecutor() as executor:
    for i in range(20):
        future = executor.submit(task, i)

    for completed in as_completed(futures):
        result = completed.result()

Add rate-limiting simply by adding a wait at the appropriate time, either at task creation:

for i in range(20):
    rate_limit.wait()  # wait before creating the task
    future = executor.submit(task, i)

Or at the start of the task itself:

def task(n):
    waited_time = rate_limit.wait()  # wait at start of task
    print(f"  task {n}: waited for {waited_time} secs")
    return n

Because ratemate uses multi-process-aware shared memory to track its state, you can also use ProcessPoolExecutor and everything will still work nicely.

Greedy mode

The default (aka non-greedy aka patient) rate limiting mode spaces out calls evenly. First instance, max_count=10 and per=60 will result in one call every 6 seconds.

You may instead wish for calls to happen as fast as possible, only slowing down if the limit would be exceeded. Enable this with greedy=True, eg:

rate_limit = RateLimit(max_count=20, per=60, greedy=True)

Further enhancements

Rate limit coordination between truly independent processes (not just subprocesses), possibly using Python 3.8's new shared memory or Redis or PostgreSQL or whatever.

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