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Python client for RavenDB NoSQL Database

Project description

Official Python client for RavenDB NoSQL Database


Install from PyPi, as ravendb.

pip install ravendb


Python client API (v5.2) for RavenDB , a NoSQL document database.

Although new API isn't compatible with the previous one, it comes with many improvements and new features.

Package has been reworked to match Java and other RavenDB clients

Type-hinted entire project and API results - using the API is now much more comfortable with IntelliSense


  • All client versions 5.2.x are fully compatible with and support RavenDB server releases 5.4 and 6.0.

  • Click here to view all Releases and Changelog.

What's new?

  • Bulk insert dependencies bugfix
  • Counters
  • Counters indexes
  • Bugfixes - Serialization while loading/querying (here)
  • Subscriptions

    • Document streams
    • Secured subscriptions
  • Querying

    • Major bugfixes
    • Spatial querying and indexing
    • Highlighting fixes
    • Custom document parsers & loaders
  • New features

    • Conditional Load
    • SelectFields & Facets
    • Projections
    • MoreLikeThis
    • Suggestions
  • Improvements

    • Compare exchange
    • Querying
    • DocumentConventions
    • Patching
    • Spatial queries
    • Aggregations
  • Lazy Operations

    • Lazy loading
    • Lazy querying
    • Lazy compare exchange operations
  • Structure

    • Important classes are now available to import from the top level ravendb module

...and many bugfixes

  • Querying

    • Simpler, well type hinted querying
    • Group by, aggregations
    • Spatial querying
    • Boost, fuzzy, proximity
    • Subclauses support
  • Static Indexes

    • Store fields, index fields, pick analyzers & more using AbstractIndexCreationTask
    • Full indexes CRUD
    • Index related commands (priority, erros, start/stop, pause, lock)
    • Additional assemblies, map-reduce, index query with results "of_type"
  • CRUD

    • Type hints for results and includes
    • Support for dataclasses

  • Attachments

    • New attachments API
    • Better type hints

    • Support for https connection
    • Certificates CRUD operations

  • Lazy load

    • New feature
  • Cluster Transactions, Compare Exchange

    • New feature

Coming soon, work in progress


Working with secured server
from ravendb import DocumentStore

URLS = ["https://raven.server.url"]
DB_NAME = "SecuredDemo"
CERT_PATH = "path\\to\\cert.pem"

class User:
    def __init__(self, name: str, tag: str): = name
        self.tag = tag

store = DocumentStore(URLS, DB_NAME)
store.certificate_pem_path = CERT_PATH
user = User("Gracjan", "Admin")

with store.open_session() as session:, "users/1")

with store.open_session() as session:
    user = session.load("users/1", User)
    assert == "Gracjan"
    assert user.tag == "Admin"

RavenDB Documentation


Bug Tracker

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