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Generate realistic raw datasets with optional DQ issues

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Generate realistic raw datasets with optional DQ issues

To install run

pip install rawdata

Basic Usage

Create a random table

import rawdata.generate
colLabel = ['Year', 'Name',   'Born', 'Details' , 'Amount']
colTypes = ['DATE', 'PEOPLE', 'PLACE', 'WORD',    'CURRENCY']
tbl = rawdata.generate.TableGenerator(3, colTypes, colLabel)

> Year, name,    Age, Born,         Details,      Amount
> 2013, Douglas, 34,  Scandinavia,  Bowling Ball, $34.95
> 1999, Hunter,  65,  Sierra Leone, Fish,         12.00
> 2005, Shubha,  18,  Madagascar,   screenplay,   -$231.00

Adding Errors to a table

import rawdata.errors
t = rawdata.errors.TableWithErrors(tbl, 'BAD_STRING')

And after adding 3 random errors there are additional spaces in Douglas, a fake string in Douglas Born column, and the Born column is missing for Hunter

Year    Name       Born
-----   ---------  ----------
2013     Douglas   BAD_STRING
1999    Hunter
2005    Shubha     Madagascar

You can use columns generated via a custom list

custom_list = ['Carved Statue', '1984 Volvo', '2 metre Ball of string']
tbl = TableGenerator(5, ['PEOPLE', 'INT', custom_list], ['Name', 'Age', 'Fav Possession'])
    > Name,   Age,  Fav Possession
    > Inez,    58,  Carved Statue
    > Zane,    50,  2 metre Ball of string
    > Jered,   49,  1984 Volvo
    > Tameron, 55,  2 metre Ball of string
    > Wyatt,   68,  Carved Statue

Other functions

import rawdata.generate
n = rawdata.generate.NumberGenerator
s = rawdata.generate.StringGenerator

print('Random Number    = ', n.random_int(1,100))
    > Random Number    =  84

print('Random Letters   = ', s.random_letters(40))
    > Random Letters   =  T1CElkRAGPAmWSavbDItDbFmQIvUh26SyJE58x49

print('Random Password  = ', s.generate_password())
    > Random Password  =  peujlsmbf19966YKCX

words = rawdata.generate.get_list_words()
print(len(words), ' words : ', words[500:502])
    > 10739  words :  ['architeuthis', 'arcsine']

places = rawdata.generate.get_list_places()
print(len(places), ' places : ', places[58:60])
    > 262  places :  ['Brazil', 'British Virgin Islands']

List of Column Types (Table Generator)

'INT'      - returns a number
'CURRENCY' - returns a currency that may have strings $ / pounds
'STRING'   - returns a random string
'WORD'     - returns a word from nouns.csv
'DATE'     - returns a date
'YEAR'     - returns a year. Both year and date can have ranges set via set_range()
'PLACE'    - returns a location from country.csv
'PEOPLE'   - returns a name from names.csv
[list]     - pass any list to return a random choice from it
                (e.g. my_colours = ['Blue', 'Green', 'Orange'] )

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