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SNS + SQS Communications made easy

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✉️ Async communications using AWS SNS + SQS for Python services ✨


In-Memory event manager

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from razemax.event_manager import EventManager

class NorthKoreaThreatCreatedEvent:
    def __init__(self, id, target): = id = target

def trump_subscriber(event: NorthKoreaThreatCreatedEvent):
    print(f"North korea will attack us or {}!")
EventManager.subscribe(trump_subscriber, NorthKoreaThreatCreatedEvent)
EventManager.trigger(NorthKoreaThreatCreatedEvent(0, "Mexico"))


North korea will attack us or Mexico!

Trigger subscribers from SQS


SQS queue has to be subscribed to SNS topic before running the consumer


from razemax.consumers import MessageConsumer
from razemax.drivers import SQSDriver
from razemax.event_manager import EventManager
from razemax.publisher import SNSMessagePublisher

def kp_message_to_event(message):
    # Highly recommended to use Marshmallow to validate
    return NorthKoreaThreatCreatedEvent(message.body['id'], message.body['target_name'])

mapper = {
    'KPThreatCreated': kp_message_to_event

aws_settings = {
    'region_name': "",
    'aws_access_key_id': "",
    'aws_secret_access_key': "",
    'endpoint_url': ""

queue_driver ="korea-threats-queue", aws_settings)
MessageConsumer(mapper, EventManager, queue_driver).process_message()

publisher =, 'korea-topic')
publisher.publish('KPThreatCreated', {'id': 21, 'target_name': 'Portugal'})


North korea will attack us or Portugal!

Installing (TODO)

pip install

Running the tests

To run end to end tests do:

make unit-tests
make integration-tests



This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the file for details

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