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Control Razer devices from the command line

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Command line interface for controlling Razer devices on Linux


With this command line interface you can configure your Razer peripherals, such as keyboard and mouse, set their colors and effects, etc.

The most simple use case (for which this tool was originally developed) is to use it in symbiosis with pywal. Then this tool will set your Razer colors to Pywal's colors. See below for more information.


pip install razer-cli


git clone
cd razer-cli
sudo python install


git clone
cd razer-cli
pip install . --user


$ razer-cli -h
usage: razer-cli [-h] [-man [MANUAL ...]] [-v] [-d DEVICE [DEVICE ...]]
                 [-a] [-e EFFECT [EFFECT ...]] [-c COLOR [COLOR ...]]
                 [-z ZONES [ZONES ...]] [-b BRIGHTNESS [BRIGHTNESS ...]]
                 [--dpi DPI] [--poll POLL]
                 [--battery BATTERY [BATTERY ...]] [-l] [-ll] [-ls]
                 [--sync] [--restore] [--version]

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -man [MANUAL ...], --manual [MANUAL ...]
                        Print help details for given feature(s)
  -v, --verbose         increase output verbosity
  -d DEVICE [DEVICE ...], --device DEVICE [DEVICE ...]
                        only affect these devices, same name as output of
  -a, --automatic       try to find colors and set them to all devices
                        without user arguments, uses X or pywal colors
  -e EFFECT [EFFECT ...], --effect EFFECT [EFFECT ...]
                        set effect
  -c COLOR [COLOR ...], --color COLOR [COLOR ...]
                        choose color (default: X color1), use one argument
                        for hex, or three for base10 rgb
  -z ZONES [ZONES ...], --zone ZONES [ZONES ...]
                        choose zone for color(s)
                        set brightness of device
  --dpi DPI             set DPI of device (use print as a value to show
  --poll POLL           set polling rate of device (use print as a value
                        to show it)
  --battery BATTERY [BATTERY ...]
                        set low threshold and/or idle delay (use print as
                        a value to show it)
  -l, --list_devices    list available devices, settings, and their
                        supported capabilities/effects
  -ll, --list_devices_long
                        list available devices settings, and list their
                        supported capabilities/effects
  -ls, --list_devices_short
                        list available devices and their settings
  --sync                sync lighting effects to all supported Razer
  --restore             Load last used settings
  --version             Print version number

This might be out of date, just run it with -h yourself to see the newest options.

Example usage with Pywal

To get your mouse and keyboard to use Pywal's colors, simply start razer-cli with the -a flag, after having executed wal: razer-cli -a
Example in action here.

Another option is to use razer-cli -e multicolor,xpalette, which not only uses a single color from pywal, but uses the entire 16 color palette.

Other examples

$ razer-cli -e ripple -c ff0000
$ razer-cli -e static -c ffffff

You can also leave out the color or the effect:
$ razer-cli -e breath_single
$ razer-cli -c 55ff99

Currently this will imply the -a flag being used for the missing setting. I plan on also having the option to reuse the current color/effect, if the argument is missing, in the future.


Effects are listed in razer_cli/ The effects that are supported per device can be listed with razer-cli -l[l]. Some of the built-in effects or not implemented yet. If such an effect is chosen, a notice will be logged. There are also custom effects that do not exist normally, such as multicolor, which is described in the same file.

Here's a showcase of that effect:

Other symbiosis tools


  • openrazer
    • :warning: Do not install openrazer from pip, which is something else.
    • Instead install it from one of the various package managers of your distribution.
  • xrdb
    • Also available on most distros.


Not all devices have been tested, but basic effects should work everywhere. Some guesswork is being done as to what capabilities are supported on specific devices. If you need more advanced configuration, consider using the GUIs Polychromatic, RazerGenie or RazerCommander which have specific implementations for most devices.

Feel free to open feature request issues or PRs.

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Thanks goes to these wonderful people (emoji key):


Kainoa Kanter
Kainoa Kanter

IFo Hancroft
IFo Hancroft

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Stephen Thomas-Dorin
Stephen Thomas-Dorin

Romain Richard
Romain Richard


This project follows the all-contributors specification. Contributions of any kind welcome!

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