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A colorful alternative to "adb logcat" with on-the-fly-deobfuscation

Project description

# recat
A colorful and highly configurable alternative to the `adb logcat` command from
the Android SDK with on the fly deobfuscation! (based on Marshall Culpepper's great [logcat-color](

recat uses [pyretrace]( to deobfuscate logs.

**Note**: recat (logcat-color) is targetted at OS X and Linux, and does not currently
work in Windows.

[![PyPI version](](

# Installation

**Installation via pip**

$ pip install recat-color

**Installation from source** (requires setuptools, may require sudo)

You can clone the recat git repository directly:

$ git clone

To install logcat-color from the source directory, run:

$ sudo pip install .


$ sudo python install

## Examples

#### for logcat-color usage examples, configuration and profiles, go to (logcat-color's original [README](

**recat** retraces obfuscated logs using [pyretrace](, a python reimplementation on Proguard's Retrace, with a deobfuscation API for python.

When looking at logs from an obfuscated release build, trace messages are obfuscated too, here's a crash log from EverythingMe Launcher's release build:

![original log output](original.png)

Supplying a mapping file path as a command line argument will trigger the deobfuscation mechanism, causing every log line to go through pyretrace's deobfuscator.

$ recat -m path/to/mapping/file.txt

Same log, now with mapping file path added:

![With Recat](deobfuscated.png)

This will make the best effort to deobfuscate the 'message' in each line.

### Deobfuscating tags
The following snippet is taken from [iosched]( It became a pretty popular strategy for log tag creation.

public static String makeLogTag(String str) {
if (str.length() > MAX_LOG_TAG_LENGTH - LOG_PREFIX_LENGTH) {
return LOG_PREFIX + str.substring(0, MAX_LOG_TAG_LENGTH - LOG_PREFIX_LENGTH - 1);

return LOG_PREFIX + str;

* Don't use this when obfuscating class names!
public static String makeLogTag(Class cls) {
return makeLogTag(cls.getSimpleName());

If you use this type of deobfuscation and wish to deobfuscate the tag as well, you must supply a prefix for your tags (i.e. `LOG_PREFIX`), here's an example:

EverythingMe Launcher used `ev.` as its base log prefix, adding `-t ev` will now deobfuscate the tags as well:

$ recat -m path/to/mapping/file.txt -t ev
Same output, now with deobfuscated tags:

![Deobfuscated with tags](deobfuscated_with_tags.png)

## TODO - Mapping Fetcher

I also added a skeleton for a mapping file fetcher. It should auto download a mapping file from a file server by supplying a mapping file path template.

## Thanks

Thanks to [Marshall Culpepper]( for the great [logcat-color](

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