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Redis benchmark run helper. A wrapper around Redis and Redis Modules benchmark tools ( ftsb_redisearch, memtier_benchmark, redis-benchmark, aibench, etc... ).

Project description

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Redis benchmark run helper can help you with the following tasks:

  • Setup abd teardown of benchmarking infrastructure specified on redis-performance/testing-infrastructure
  • Setup and teardown of an Redis and Redis Modules DBs for benchmarking
  • Management of benchmark data and specifications across different setups
  • Running benchmarks and recording results
  • Exporting performance results in several formats (CSV, RedisTimeSeries, JSON)
  • Finding on-cpu, off-cpu, io, and threading performance problems by attaching profiling tools/probers ( perf (a.k.a. perf_events), bpf tooling, vtune )
  • [SOON] Finding performance problems by attaching telemetry probes

Current supported benchmark tools:


Installation is done using pip, the package installer for Python, in the following manner:

python3 -m pip install redisbench-admin

Profiler daemon

You can use the profiler daemon by itself in the following manner. On the target machine do as follow:

pip3 install --upgrade pip
pip3 install redisbench-admin --ignore-installed PyYAML

# install perf
apt install linux-tools-common linux-tools-generic linux-tools-`uname -r` -y

# ensure perf is working
perf --version

# install awscli
snap install aws-cli --classic

# configure aws
aws configure

# start the perf-daemon
perf-daemon start
WARNING:root:Unable to detected github_actor. caught the following error: No section: 'user'
Writting log to /tmp/perf-daemon.log
Starting perf-daemon. PID file /tmp/ Daemon workdir: /root/RedisGraph

# check daemon is working appropriatelly
curl localhost:5000/ping

# start a profile
curl -X POST localhost:5000/profiler/perf/start/<pid to profile>

# stop a profile
curl -X POST -d '{"aws_access_key_id":$AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID,"aws_secret_access_key":$AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY}' localhost:5000/profiler/perf/stop/<pid to profile>


  1. Install pypoetry to manage your dependencies and trigger tooling.
pip install poetry
  1. Installing dependencies from lock file
poetry install

Running formaters

poetry run black .

Running linters

poetry run flake8

Running tests

A test suite is provided, and can be run with:

$ tox

To run a specific test:

$ tox -- tests/


redisbench-admin is distributed under the BSD3 license - see LICENSE

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