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Pandas-ORM Integration.

Project description

RedPanda: Pandas & SQLAlchemy

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Two great tastes that taste great together.

Use RedPanda to add simple pandas integration into your declarative models.


pip install redpanda

Basic Use

Create a session from a SQLAlchemy engine:

import redpanda

engine = redpanda.create_engine("sqlite://")
# => Engine(sqlite://)

Session = redpanda.orm.sessionmaker(bind=engine)
session = Session()
# => <sqlalchemy.orm.session.Session>


Use the frame() method of RedPanda queries to return a DataFrame representation of the results instead of a collection of models.

query = session.query(MyModel)
# => <redpanda.orm.Query>

# => <pandas.DataFrame>

Querying with Filters

The frame() method that wraps the pandas.read_sql() function into a dialect-agnostic class-method for declarative SQLAlchemy models and can accept the same keyword arguments as pandas.read_sql():

query = session.query(MyModel).filter_by(my_attr="my_val")


Additionally, a within() method is added to SQLAlchemy's InstrumentedAttribute class that accepts a pandas Index object:

index = pandas.period_range("2016-11-01", "2016-11-30", freq="W")
query = session.query(MyModel).filter(MyModel.timestamp.within(index))

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