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A Python package to extract narrative statements from text

Project description


A Python package to extract underlying narrative statements from text.

What can this package do?

  1. Identify Agent-Verb-Patient (AVP) / Subject-Verb-Object (SVO) triplets in the text

    • AVPs are obtained via Semantic Role Labeling.
    • SVOs are obtained via Dependency Parsing.
    • A concrete example of AVP/SVO extraction:

    Original sentence: "Taxes kill jobs and hinder innovation."

    Triplets: [('taxes', 'kill', 'jobs'), ('taxes','hinder','innovation')]

  2. Group agents and patients into interpretable entities in two ways:

    • Supervised classification of entities. Simply provide a list of entities and we will filter the triplets for you (e.g., ['Barack Obama', 'government', ...]).
    • Unsupervised classification via clustering of entities. We represent agents and patients as text embeddings and cluster them via KMeans or HDBSCAN. The optimal number of topics is data-driven.
    • A concrete example of a cluster:

    Interpretable entity: "tax"
    Related phrases: ['income tax', 'the tax rates', 'taxation in this country', etc.]

  3. Visualize clusters and resulting narratives.

We currently support French and English out-of-the-box. You can also provide us with a custom SVO-extraction function for any language supported by spaCy.


Runs on Linux and macOS (x86 platform) and it requires Python 3.7 (or 3.8) and pip.
It is highly recommended to use a virtual environment (or conda environment) for the installation.

# upgrade pip, wheel and setuptools
python -m pip install -U pip wheel setuptools

# install the package
python -m pip install -U relatio

In case you want to use Jupyter make sure that you have it installed in the current environment.


Please see our hands-on tutorials:


relatio is brought to you by

with a special thanks for support of ETH Scientific IT Services.

If you are interested in contributing to the project please read the Development Guide.


Remember that this is a research tool :)

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