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Utility for creating and uploading zip packages

Project description

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The release-manager is a Python utility for easily uploading zipped or plain binaries to a destination target. It allows you to:

  • Create new package versions

  • Upload artifacts to said version

  • Currently only support zip

  • Upload to multiple targets

  • Currently supports Bintray and AWS S3

  • Combine N binaries into the artifact that is then uploaded

  • Upload N artifacts to for the package


  • Option 1: Download this repository and run: python install

  • Option 2: Install from pip: pip install release-manager


usage: [-h] [--config CONFIG] [--make-version]
                          [--make-artifact] [--upload-artifact]
                          [--check-version] [--version]

Bintray utility for creating and uploading zip packages.

optional arguments:
  -h, --help         show this help message and exit
  --config CONFIG    the path to the configuration yaml file
  --make-version     makes a new version for the package
  --make-artifact    makes the artifacts that will be uploaded
  --upload-artifact  uploads the artifacts to the targets
  --check-version    checks that the version specified matches the build
  --version          show program's version number and exit

Please note when specifying the options to run that they will be applied to every package in your config file.


  • You cannot upload the artifacts without also making the artifacts:

  • --upload-artifact requires --make-artifact

  • Checking the version is useful for automated build tools such as travis to assert that you have the correct build versions specified


The release-manager requires a config be passed to it in the form of a yaml file. You can find a sample config in the resources directory.

Environment resolver

To get values from the environment at runtime set the value like the following:

some_env_key: <%= ENV['SOME_ENV_VALUE'] %>

Shell resolver

To evaluate a shell command at runtime set the value like the following:

some_cmd_value: <%= CMD['cat VERSION'] %>

NOTE: If the command does not exit with code 0 the config will not load.

Variable resolver

If you need to access a variable many-times in your config and it is okay for it to be hardcoded you can use the local variable resolver.

This works like so:

some_var_value: "hello_world"
some_ref_var_value: {{ some_var_value }}

Function resolver

release-manager provides you one (for now) predefined function - sbt_version(path). Using it you can extract version of SBT project in specified path.

This works like so:

some_cmd_value: <%= FUNC['sbt_version(../scalaz)'] %>

Example config

# Required: local settings
  root_dir : <%= ENV['TRAVIS_BUILD_DIR'] %>

# Required: deployment targets
  - type     : "bintray" # Options: bintray
    user     : <%= ENV['BINTRAY_USER'] %>
    password : <%= ENV['BINTRAY_PASSWORD'] %>

# Required: packages to be deployed
  - repo     : "generic"
    name     : "release-manager"
    user_org : "jbeemster"
    publish  : true

    # Will attempt to overwrite a published entity if one is found
    override : false

    # If the artifact already exists will determine whether or not
    # to fail the release
    continue_on_conflict : false

    # The version of this package
    version  : <%= CMD['cat VERSION'] %>

    # Required IF '--check-version' is passed: will assert that
    # both versions are the same
    build_version : <%= ENV['TRAVIS_TAG'] %>

    # Optional: Build commands
    # You can nest your artifact creation commands here!
      - ls -ls

    # Required: Artifact
        # The artifact name is composed like so:
        # {{prefix}}{{version}}{{suffix}}.zip
      - prefix : "release_manager_"
        suffix : ""
        type   : "zip"

        # The binaries to put in the zip

Multiple locations

Same artifact can be uploaded into two or more buckets, without unnecessary boilerplate if you use locations keyword instead of first-level buckets, path and region.

  - name     : "acme-app-multiple-locations"
    - bucket   : "acme-hosted-assets-us-east-1"
      path     : "software/acme-app"
      region   : "us-east-1"
    - bucket   : "acme-hosted-assets-us-west-1"
      path     : "software/acme-app"
      region   : "us-west-1"
    publish  : true
    override : false
    continue_on_conflict : false
    version  : "0.1.0"

Note that if you’re using locations array - first-level bucket, path and region must be absent.

AWS S3 target

In addition to Bintray you can also upload your files to Amazon S3.

  - type     : "awss3" # Options: bintray
    user     : <%= ENV['AWS_ACCESS_KEY'] %>
    password : <%= ENV['AWS_SECRET_KEY'] %>

As is artifacts

In addition to zip artifacts you can also upload plain files from your local FS.

  - prefix : "release_manager_"
    suffix : ""
    type   : "asis"


File will be renamed to release_manager_{{ version}} and upload into specified path.

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