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Add PKCS#12 support to the requests library in a clean way, without monkey patching or temporary files

Project description

This library adds PKCS#12 support to the Python requests library.

It is a clean implementation: it uses neither monkey patching nor unencrypted temporary files. Instead, it is integrated into requests as recommended by its authors: creating a custom TransportAdapter, which provides a custom SSLContext.

This library is meant to be a transitional solution until this functionality is provided by requests directly. However, that will take some time. See the corresponding issue for more details.


For simple one-off requests you can use this library as a drop-in replacement for the requests library:

from requests_pkcs12 import get

r = get('', pkcs12_filename='clientcert.p12', pkcs12_password='correcthorsebatterystaple')

If you are using requests sessions, use the Pkcs12Adapter:

from requests import Session
from requests_pkcs12 import Pkcs12Adapter

with Session() as s:
    s.mount('', Pkcs12Adapter(pkcs12_filename='clientcert.p12', pkcs12_password='correcthorsebatterystaple'))
    r = s.get('')


This library is available as PyPI package:

pip install requests-pkcs12

Alternatively, you can retrieve the latest development version via Git:

git clone


The following keyword arguments are supported:

  • pkcs12_filename is a byte string or unicode string that contains the file name of the encrypted PKCS#12 certificate.

    • Either this argument or pkcs12_data must be provided.

  • pkcs12_data is a byte string that contains the encrypted PKCS#12 certificate data.

    • Either this argument or pkcs12_filename must be provided.

  • pkcs12_password is a byte string or unicode string that contains the password.

    • This argument must be provided whenever pkcs12_filename or pkcs12_data is provided.

  • ssl_protocol is a protocol version from the ssl library.

    • This argument is optional and defaults to ssl.PROTOCOL_TLS.

If you use these parameters, don’t use the built-in cert parameter of requests at the same time. However, do use the other parameters. In particular, do use the “verify” parameter to verify the server-side certificate.

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