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An easy to use, but functional decorator for retrying on exceptions.

Project description


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An easy to use retry decorator.

This package is a fork from the retry package, but with some of added community-sourced features.


New features in reretry:

  • Log traceback of an error that lead to a failed attempt.
  • Call a custom callback after each failed attempt.
  • Can be used with async functions.

From original retry:

  • Retry on specific exceptions.
  • Set a maximum number of retries.
  • Set a delay between retries.
  • Set a maximum delay between retries.
  • Set backoff and jitter parameters.
  • Use a custom logger.
  • No external dependencies (stdlib only).
  • (Optionally) Preserve function signatures (pip install decorator).


$ pip install reretry


The @retry decorator


@retry(exceptions=Exception, tries=-1, delay=0, max_delay=None, backoff=1, jitter=0, show_traceback=False, logger=logging_logger, fail_callback=None)


  • exceptions: An exception or a tuple of exceptions to catch. Default: Exception.

  • tries: The maximum number of attempts. default: -1 (infinite).

  • delay: Initial delay between attempts (in seconds). default: 0.

  • max_delay: The maximum value of delay (in seconds). default: None (no limit).

  • backoff: Multiplier applied to delay between attempts. default: 1 (no backoff).

  • jitter: Extra seconds added to delay between attempts. default: 0. Fixed if a number, random if a range tuple (min, max).

  • show_traceback: Print traceback before retrying (Python3 only). default: False.

  • logger: logger.warning(fmt, error, delay) will be called on failed attempts. default: retry.logging_logger. if None, logging is disabled.

  • fail_callback: fail_callback(e) will be called after failed attempts.


from reretry import retry

def make_trouble():
    '''Retry until succeeds'''

async def async_make_trouble():
    '''Retry an async function until it succeeds'''

@retry(ZeroDivisionError, tries=3, delay=2)
def make_trouble():
    '''Retry on ZeroDivisionError, raise error after 3 attempts,
    sleep 2 seconds between attempts.'''

@retry((ValueError, TypeError), delay=1, backoff=2)
def make_trouble():
    '''Retry on ValueError or TypeError, sleep 1, 2, 4, 8, ... seconds between attempts.'''

@retry((ValueError, TypeError), delay=1, backoff=2, max_delay=4)
def make_trouble():
    '''Retry on ValueError or TypeError, sleep 1, 2, 4, 4, ... seconds between attempts.'''

@retry(ValueError, delay=1, jitter=1)
def make_trouble():
    '''Retry on ValueError, sleep 1, 2, 3, 4, ... seconds between attempts.'''

def callback(e: Exception):
    '''Print error message'''

@retry(ValueError, fail_callback=callback):
def make_trouble():
    '''Retry on ValueError, between attempts call callback(e)
    (where e is the Exception raised).'''

# If you enable logging, you can get warnings like 'ValueError, retrying in
# 1 seconds'
if __name__ == '__main__':
    import logging

The retry_call function

Calls a function and re-executes it if it failed.

This is very similar to the decorator, except that it takes a function and its arguments as parameters. The use case behind it is to be able to dynamically adjust the retry arguments.


retry_call(f, fargs=None, fkwargs=None, exceptions=Exception, tries=-1, delay=0, max_delay=None, backoff=1, jitter=0, show_traceback=False, logger=logging_logger, fail_callback=None)


import requests

from reretry.api import retry_call

def make_trouble(service, info=None):
    if not info:
        info = ''
    r = requests.get(service + info)
    return r.text

def what_is_my_ip(approach=None):
    if approach == "optimistic":
        tries = 1
    elif approach == "conservative":
        tries = 3
        # skeptical
        tries = -1
    result = retry_call(
        fkwargs={"info": "ip"},


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