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A lightweight and useful wrapper around Flask's make_response and jsonify

Project description


Python package

respond is a small, lightweight wrapper around Flask's make_response and jsonify, providing a fast and convenient way to return JSON data with the right HTTP status code.

respond utilizes the RFC HTTP status code descriptions as methods, you simply call a static method such as ok, not_found or internal_server_error and optionally pass in the data you wish to return as JSON.

🐍 Python v3.6 +


pip install respond


Import the JSONResponse class

from respond import JSONResponse

You can now call one of many staticmethods of the class

Return a 200 OK status code and a list

def example():
    """ Returns a list with an HTTP 200 OK status code """
    return JSONResponse.ok([1, 2, 3])

Return a 400 BAD REQUEST status code and a dict

def example():
    """ Returns a dict with an HTTP 400 BAD REQUEST status code """
    return JSONResponse.bad_request({"message": "You did something wrong"})

Return a 500 INTERNAL SERVER ERROR status code

def example():
    """ Returns an empty string with an HTTP 500 INTERNAL SERVER ERROR status code """
    return JSONResponse.bad_request()

Passing no data to the method returns an empty string

def ok():
    """ Return an empty HTTP 204 NO CONTENT response """
    return JSONResponse.no_content()

You can optionally pass in a headers dict if required

def example():
    """ Return a dict with custom headers """
    return JSONResponse.ok(data={"message": "ok"}, headers={"X-Custom-Header": "hello!"})

Taking a look in the Chrome developer tools, we can see our custom header:

Content-Length: 17
Date: Sun, 03 May 2020 16:49:41 GMT
Content-Type: application/json
Server: Werkzeug/1.0.1 Python/3.8.2
X-Custom-Header: hello!

respond has methods for all HTTP status codes defined by the ietf -

Common status codes include, 404 NOT FOUND, here being used in a Flask error handler

def handle_not_found_error(e):
    """ Handler for not found errors """
    return JSONResponse.not_found(data={"message": "Not found"})

app.register_error_handler(404, handle_not_found_error)


def internal_server_error():
    msg = {"message": "Whoops, we did something wrong"}
    return JSONResponse.internal_server_error(msg)

Visiting this URL in the browser returns

{"message":"Whoops, we did something wrong"}

Methods available

100 range (informational)

method HTTP Status code
continue 100
switching_protocol 101
processing 102
early_hints 103

200 range (success)

method HTTP Status code
ok 200
created 201
accepted 202
non_authoritative_information 203
no_content 204
reset_content 205
partial_content 206
multi_status 207
already_reported 208
im_used 226

300 range (redirection)

method HTTP Status code
multiple_choice 300
moved_permanently 301
found 302
see_other 303
not_modified 304
use_proxy 305
unused 306
temporary_redirect 307
permanent_redirect 308

400 range (client error)

method HTTP Status code
bad_request 400
unauthorized 401
payment_required 402
forbidden 403
not_found 404
method_not_allowed 405
not_acceptable 406
proxy_authentication_required 407
request_timeout 408
conflict 409
gone 410
length_required 411
precondition_failed 412
payload_too_large 413
uri_too_long 414
unsupported_media_type 415
requested_range_not_satisfiable 416
expectation_failed 417
im_a_teapot 418
misdirected_request 421
unprocessable_entity 422
locked 423
failed_dependency 424
too_early 425
upgrade_required 426
precondition_required 428
too_many_requests 429
request_header_fields_too_large 431
unavailable_for_legal_reasons 451

500 range (server error)

method HTTP Status code
internal_server_error 500
not_implemented 501
bad_gateway 502
service_unavailable 503
gateway_timeout 504
http_version_not_supported 505
variant_also_negotiates 506
insufficient_storage 507
loop_detected 508
not_extended 510
network_authentication_required 511

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