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Packaging tool for Red Hat Ceph Storage product

Project description

A tool to package and build Red Hat Ceph Storage for Ubuntu.

rhcephpkg is a command-line tool similar to Red Hat’s “rpkg” family of tools, like fedpkg (open-source) or rhpkg (closed-source). In Red Hat we use this to package and build the RH Ceph Enterprise product for Ubuntu.


$HOME/.rhcephpkg.conf should contain the following:

gitbaseurl = ssh://%(user)
anongiturl = git://
patchesbaseurl = ssh://%(user)



Substitute your settings:

  • user is your Red Hat Kerberos UID
  • token is your API token from Jenkins. To find this value, log into Jenkins’ Web UI (using your Kerberos username + password)


  • rhcephpkg clone - clone a “dist-git” repository. You must have a valid Kerberos ticket.

    We use Git repositories with layouts that interoperate with Debian’s git-buildpackage suite of tools.

    The clone operation uses your SSH key, which must be configured in Gerrit.

  • rhcephpkg build - Trigger a build in Jenkins.

  • rhcephpkg checkout-from-patches - Choose a Debian branch based on a RHEL rdopkg-style “patches” branch.

  • rhcephpkg download - Download a build’s artifacts from chacra.

  • rhcephpkg hello - Test Jenkins authentication. Use this to verify your user and token settings.

  • rhcephpkg gitbz - Verify each RHBZ in the last Git commit message.

  • rhcephpkg list-builds - List builds for a package in chacra.

  • rhcephpkg localbuild - Perform a local build using pbuilder.

  • rhcephpkg merge-patches - Do a merge from the RHEL rdopkg-style “patches” remote branch to the Ubuntu patch-queue branch.

  • rhcephpkg new-version - Import a new upstream version of a package.

  • rhcephpkg patch - Apply a patch-queue branch to a package.

  • rhcephpkg source - Build a source package on the local system.

  • rhcephpkg watch-build - Watch a build-package job in Jenkins.


Pre-built Ubuntu Xenial packages are available:

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get -y install software-properties-common
sudo apt-add-repository ppa:kdreyer-redhat/rhceph
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install rhcephpkg

SSL validation

Some operations (like build) will contact web services secured with Red Hat’s internal CA. You must trust this CA on your local system to avoid SSL verification errors. Here is an example of how to do that on Ubuntu:

cd /usr/local/share/ca-certificates/
curl -O

“RH-IT-Root-CA.crt” is the public cert that signed the web server’s HTTPS certificate.

Developing rhcephpkg

See HACKING.rst to get started with running rhcephpkg directly from Git.

See RELEASING.rst to walk through publishing new rhcephpkg versions.


  • rhcephpkg push - Runs git push origin --tags and then git push origin. This will help with CI during rebases, so that Jenkins (via Gerrit) will pick up the branch change only after the new tags are already present.
  • rhcephpkg dch - Bump the changelog according to our “redhat” version number change pattern. This will help make rebases faster.
  • rhcephpkg amend - Amend the last Git commit to make the commit message align with the last debian/changelog entry. This would be similar to how rdopkg amend works (and some of this functionality is already present in rhcephpkg patch).

Project details

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