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A lock-free ring buffer for Python and Cython.

Project description


A lock-free, single-producer, single-consumer, ring buffer for Python and Cython.



OS X: brew install boost

Ubuntu: apt-get install libboost-all-dev


pip install ringbuf


When working with realtime DSP in Python, we might be wrapping some external C/C++ library (for instance, PortAudio) which runs some user-provided callback function in realtime. The callback function shouldn't allocate/deallocate memory, shouldn't contain any critical sections (mutexes), and so forth, to prevent priority inversion. If the callback were to contain Python objects, we'd likely be allocating and deallocating, and at the very least, acquiring and releasing the GIL. So, the callback cannot interact with Python objects if we expect realtime performance. As such, there's a need for buffering data in a non-locking way between a C/C++ callback and Python.

Enter ringbuf, Cython wrappers for boost::lockfree::spsc_queue. Our Python code can read from and write to a ringbuf.RingBuffer object, and our C++ code can read from and write to that buffer's underlying spsc_queue, no GIL required.


Any Python object which supports the buffer protocol can be stored in ringbuf.RingBuffer. This includes, but is not limited to: bytes, bytearray, array.array, and numpy.ndarray.


import numpy as np
from ringbuf import RingBuffer

buffer = RingBuffer(format='f', capacity=100)

data = np.linspace(-1, 1, num=100, dtype='f')


popped = buffer.pop(100)

assert np.array_equal(data, popped)


from ringbuf import RingBuffer

buffer = RingBuffer(format='B', capacity=11)

buffer.push(b'hello world')

popped = buffer.pop(11)

assert bytes(popped) == b'hello world'

Interfacing with C/C++


# distutils: language = c++

from ringbuf.boost cimport spsc_queue, void_ptr_to_spsc_queue_char_ptr

cdef void callback(void* q)


# distutils: language = c++

from array import array
from some_c_library cimport some_c_function

cdef void callback(void* q):
        # Cast the void* back to an spsc_queue.
        # The underlying queue always holds chars.
        spsc_queue[char] *queue = void_ptr_to_spsc_queue_char_ptr(q)
        double[5] to_push = [1.0, 2.0, 3.0, 4.0, 5.0]

    # Since the queue holds chars, you'll have to cast and adjust size accordingly.
    queue.push(<char*>to_push, sizeof(double) * 5)

def do_stuff():
        RingBuffer buffer = RingBuffer(format='d', capacity=100)
        void* queue = buffer.queue_void_ptr()

    # Pass our callback and a void* to the buffer's queue to some third party library.
    # Presumably, the C library schedules the callback and passes it the queue's void pointer.
    some_c_function(callback, queue)


    assert array.array('d', buffer.pop(5)) == array.array('d', range(1, 6))

Handling overflow & underflow

When RingBuffer.push() overflows, it returns the data that couldn't be pushed (or None, if all was pushed):

from ringbuf import RingBuffer

buffer = RingBuffer(format='B', capacity=10)
overflowed = buffer.push(b'spam eggs ham')
assert overflowed == b'ham'

When RingBuffer.pop() underflows, it returns whatever data could be popped:

from ringbuf import RingBuffer

buffer = RingBuffer(format='B', capacity=10)
overflowed = buffer.push(b'spam eggs ham')
assert overflowed == b'ham'

For additional usage see the tests.

Supported platforms

Travis CI tests with the following configurations:

  • Ubuntu 18.04 Bionic Beaver + [CPython3.6, CPython3.7, CPython3.8, PyPy7.3.0 (3.6.9)]
  • OS X + [CPython3.6, CPython3.7, CPython3.8, PyPy7.3.0 (3.6.9)]

Any platform with a C++11 compiler will probably work.


Pull requests are welcome, please file any issues you encounter.


v2.4.0 2020-03-23

  • Added RingBuffer.reset() method for .

v2.3.0 2020-03-22

  • Added concatenate function for joining multiple arbitrary Python objects that support the buffer protocol.

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