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Project description


(C) Copyright ReportLab Europe Ltd. 2000-2021.
See ``LICENSE.txt`` for license details.

This is a plugin for the ReportLab PDF Toolkit.
which constructs rich PDF documents, and also creation
of charts in a variety of bitmap and vector formats.

This plugin is intended to replace most of the usage of the
libart based C extension _renderPM which has been shown to
have issues when rendering complex documents.

This backend can be brought into use by setting
reportlab.rl_config.renderPMBackend = 'rlPyCairo'
any of the methods detailed in reportlab/
can be used to accomplish this.

The new backend seems able to handle all the same behaviour as
_renderPM and the only place where it seems inferior is in the
rendering of scaled images and the speed with which it draws

At present the rlPyCairo backend only uses the _renderPM extension
to use its mapping of ReportLab font names to extract paths for
rendering this is no doubt the reason for its slowness when
rendering text.

Currently we are not making use of any of the more advanced
abilities of PyCairo such as transparency, patterns etc,
but that may change in the future.

Contents of this file:

1. Licensing

2. Installation

2.1 General Prerequisites

2.2 Source Distribution mercurial

3. Prerequisites / Dependencies

4. Documentation

5. Tests

6. Acknowledgements and Thanks

1. Licensing
BSD license. See ``LICENSE.txt`` for details.

2. Installation

In most cases, pip install reportlab`` will do the job.

2.1 General prerequisites
You need to have installed Python (versions 2.7 or >=3.6) and reportlab
and ideally PIL or Pillow with Freetype support; more notes on prerequisites
follow below.

2.2. Where to get the code
Latest sources are available from ReportLab's
open source download area::

You can obtain the latest code from our Mercurial repository with::

hg clone

All released packages are available from our pypi at

Main releases are also available from the Python Package Index:

A mirror only repository is available for git users at

please do not use this for issue reporting etc; use the mail list at

3. Prerequisites / Dependencies
This works with Python versions 2.7 or >=3.6. Older versions are available
going back to Python 1.5 or thereabouts.

There are no absolute prerequisites beyond the Python
standard library; but the Python Imaging Library (PIL or Pillow)
is needed to produce images with this package.

4. Documentation
There is no documentation other than that provided in the reportlab package
about the standard renderPM renderer. This package is intended as an
alternative to the lgpl_libart based backend

To enable this backend the reportlab.rl_config.renderPMBackend should be set
to the string 'rlPyCairo'. Use any of the methods outlined in
reportlab/ to accomplish this.

5. Test suite
Tests are in the ``reportlab/tests/`` directory. They can be executed by cd'ing into the
directory and executing ``python`` with an envinment variable
set as RL_renderPMBackend=rlPyCairo. Obviously you need to have rlPyCairo

6. Acknowledgements and Thanks
Claude Paroz for failing examples of the base backend.

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