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A Local Judge for OIers and ACMers by _rqy

Project description

A convenient local judge. By _rqy.


1 Install

You can install it by pip3. Dont forget sudo.

$ sudo pip3 install --upgrade rlj

Or by git

$ git clone
$ cd RLJ
$ sudo python3 install

2 Usage

2.1 Config File

Make a File named config.yml, It should include:

Source``(optional), ``Input, Output, #, Time Limit, Memory Limit, Compiling Parameter.

For example:

Source: example.cpp
Input Data: example(\d*)\.in
Output Data: example(\d*)\.ans
Time Limit: 1000
Memory Limit: 128

Where Input Data/Output Data uses regular expressions.

Two i/o data will be matched if they match the regular expression with the same contents of each group.

An easier way is run:

$ rlj --genConfig [FILE]

to generate config.yml (and use the argument ‘FILE’ to modify its name).

2.2 Data

Please place all data files under the folder data.

e.g. in the case of the config file above, There should be these files in data:, example1.ans,, and so on.

You can also set Data Dir in config.yml to modify the path to datas.

2.3 Judge

$ rlj [-s|--slient] [-j Source | --judge Source] [-c ConfigFile] [--O2]

To judge you only need to run rlj

If you want to see short output, you can run rlj --silent or rlj -s

For more detail you can run rlj -h.

2.4 Compiling Parameter

No parameter is applied when compiling by default.

You can add Compiling Parameter in config.yml.

--O2 is able to be set when running. See above.

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