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Reading & Math Inc Python SDK for Quick Base

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#RMI Usage Notes -Should not be used on a standalone basis. Instead, integrate a release into the API or project that it is required for, using pipenv or other package manager.

Python bindings for the QuickBase API

QBConn variables:

error: the numerical error code returned by an API call. 0 is no error, negative values are internal to this library
tables: a dictionary containing tablename:tableID pairs

[constructor] QBConn(QB_URL,QB_APPID, USER_TOKEN):

Makes a connection to the QuickBase specified by QB_URL and QB_APPID. As of 0.4.0, *requires* a USER_TOKEN; will not authenticate with a ticket
Note: QB_URL should have a trailing slash. ex. "";

provide_tables: exposes tables to public api

sql(querystr): Performs a query() after translating a simple SQL-style string to QuickBase's query format

Example: qb.sql("SELECT * FROM users WHERE name`EX`John\_Doe OR role`EX`fakeperson") #The \_ represents a space. This is a very basic function that doesn't use state machines. Note: field and table names will not have spaces
Example: qb.sql("SELECT firstname|lastname FROM users WHERE paid`EX`true ORDER BY lastname ASC LIMIT 100")
Example: qb.sql("DELETE FROM assets WHERE value`BF`0")
Please contribute any improvents you make on this function back to this repo. It would make life so much easier for all QuickBase+Python users :)


Takes a dict of param:value pairs, adds ticket, token, and realm (if specified) and makes an API call to the base URL+url_extension


Returns a dict containing the fields of a table as fieldname:fieldID pairs


Adds a record with data specified by the data dict of fieldname:value pairs to tableID


Updates a record (rid) in table (tableID) with the data given by newdata fieldname:value pairs


Deletes record specified by rid from table specified by tableID


Deletes records from tableID that match the QuickBase-style query


Returns a dict containing a QuickBase app's tables as tablename:tableID pairs. This is run automatically after a successful authenticate call


Returns a list of dicts containing fieldname:value pairs that represent rows returned by the query. record ID will always be specified by the "rid" key

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