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Robot Framework keyword library wrapper around requests

Project description

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🏠 RequestsLibrary is a Robot Framework library aimed to provide HTTP api testing functionalities by wrapping the well known Python Requests Library.

Install stable version

pip install robotframework-requests

🤖 Quick start

*** Settings ***
Library               RequestsLibrary

*** Test Cases ***

Quick Get Request Test
    ${response}=    GET

Quick Get Request With Parameters Test
    ${response}=    GET  params=query=ciao  expected_status=200

Quick Get A JSON Body Test
    ${response}=    GET
    Should Be Equal As Strings    1  ${response.json()}[id]

What's new in 0.9

Sessionless keywords are now available, you can just GET, POST, etc.. no need to create a session anymore!

${resp}=  GET

Status Should Be and Request Should Be Successfull can use the last response, no need to pass the response anymore!

Status Should Be  200

What's new in 0.8

New keywords structure: All requests keywords have been rewritten because of many not backward compatible changes and to allow in the near future requests keywords without a session. Example Get Request become GET On Session and soon there will be also just GET when a session is not needed. Old keywords * Request are now deprecated and will be removed in 1.0.0 version.

Implicit assert on status code: * On Session keywords automatically fail if an error status code is returned. expect_status= could be used to specify a status code (201, OK, Bad request) or any if you want to evaluate the response in any case.

Closer to the original Requests library: New keywords have the same parameter orders and structure as the original. Lot of pre-parsing / encoding has been removed to have a more accurate and unchanged behaviour.

Cleaner project architecture: Main keywords file has been split with a more logic division to allow better and faster maintenance.

🤖 More examples

*** Settings ***                                                                                       
Library    Collections                                                                                 
Library    RequestsLibrary                                                                             
Suite Setup    Create Session  jsonplaceholder                   
*** Test Cases ***                                                                                     
Get Request Test                                                                                       
    Create Session    google                                                    
    ${resp_google}=   GET On Session  google  /  expected_status=200                                   
    ${resp_json}=     GET On Session  jsonplaceholder  /posts/1                                        
    Should Be Equal As Strings          ${resp_google.reason}  OK                                      
    Dictionary Should Contain Value     ${resp_json.json()}  sunt aut facere repellat provident        
Post Request Test                                                                                      
    &{data}=    Create dictionary  title=Robotframework requests  body=This is a test!  userId=1       
    ${resp}=    POST On Session    jsonplaceholder  /posts  json=${data}  expected_status=anything     
    Status Should Be                 201  ${resp}                                                      

📖 Keywords documentation

Robotframework-requests offers a wide set of keywords which can be found in the Keywords documentation

🔬 Test examples

You can find many test examples inside the atests folder.

🤝 Contributing ✍️

Feel free to contribute and open an issue in order to discuss it. Before doing it take a look at the contribution guidelines.

📢 Get in touch with the community via slack and Users group

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