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SeleniumTestability library that helps speed up tests withasyncronous evens

Project description


SeleniumTestability is a plugin to Robot Framework's SeleniumLibrary that adds functionality to it doesn't fit into its mission. These new features are archived by SL's plugin api that then automatically instrumentents the web application via javascript calls and provides keywords to bridge those into Robot Framework.

Plugin provides automatic detection of asyncronous events happening within the web application. For example, if a rest api is called from the application, testcase can automatically wait for that call to finish before doing any interaction in the UI. There's also a bunch of functionality like fetching of browser logs, keywords to interact with local and session storage. See the keyword documentation here for more details.

SeleniumTestability relies on core Selenium's feature EventFiringWebdriver and provides it's own listener interface that takes care of waiting in right places and instrumenting the SUT whenever it is needed.

In the future, its also possible to extend the javascript parts of SeleniumTestability to incorporate more state inspections.

Monitoring of the asyncronous events is archived with help of Testability.js and its bindings


"Official" support channel available in


pip install robotframework-seleniumtestability


Initialize library

Library         SeleniumLibrary     plugins=SeleniumTestability;True;30 Seconds;True

For parameter descriptions, refer to keyword docmentation.


  Click Element             id:button_that_triggers_ajax_request
  Click Element             id:some_other_element
  Log To Console            This will happen right after clicking

In here, if automatic_wait has been enabled, second Click Element keyword wont be executed before action triggered by the first button is finished.

If automatic_wait is not enabled, test case can request the wait itself and previous example would look something like this.

  Click Element               id:button_that_triggers_ajax_request
  Wait For Testability Ready
  Click Element               id:some_other_element
  Wait For Testability Ready
  Log To Console              This would show after events triggered by second click are done.

Currently Supported Asyncronous features

  • setTimeout & setImmediate calls and wait for them.
  • fetch() call and wait for it to finish
  • XHR requests and wait for them to finish
  • CSS Animations and wait form them to finish
  • CSS Transitions and wait form them to finish
  • Viewport scrolling.

Do note that catching css animations and transitions is browser dependant. In the past certain browsers did not implement these features as "the standard" would require.

Other functionality.

SeleniumTestability also provides other conveniance keywords that do not make sense to incorporate into SeleniumLibrary itself, mainly due to functionality not being in scope of SeleniumLibrary and Selenium python bindings. Do check the keyword documentation for up to date list of keywords.

Keyword Documentation

Keyword documentation here and if you need to create one for offline usage:

python -m robot.libdoc SeleniumLibrary::plugins=SeleniumTestability

Contributing documents how to setup the environment for further development of SeleniumTestability.

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