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Collect data from various sources

Project description


Rollet collects, standardizes and completes from various sources.

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The safest way to install rollet is to go through pip

python -m pip install rollet

How to use?

Command script

rollet {extract-txt,extract-csv,extract-json} path
       [-h] [-o [OUTFILE]] [-l [LINK]] [-f [FIELDS]] [--start [START]]
       [--size [SIZE]] [-t [TIMESLEEP]] [--timeout [TIMEOUT]]
       [--blacklist [BLACKLIST]]
positional arguments:
  {extract-txt,extract-csv,extract-json} Choose file type option extraction
  path                                   file path

optional arguments:
  -h, --help                    show this help message and exit
  -o [OUTFILE], --outfile       output file path
  -l [LINK], --link             link field if csv or json
  -f [FIELDS], --fields         fields to keep separated by comma
  --start [START]               number of rows to skip
  --size [SIZE]                 max number of rows to keep
  -t [TIMESLEEP], --timesleep   sleep time in seconds between two pulling
  --timeout [TIMEOUT]           Max GET request timeout in second
  --blacklist [BLACKLIST]       0 (do not use), 1 (use), path (one column domain blacklist file)


Basic usage

from rollet import get_content
from rollet.extractor import BaseExtractor

url = ''

content_dict = get_content(url)

content_object = BaseExtractor(url)
content_object.title            # Title
content_object.abstract         # Abstract
content_object.lang             # Language
content_object.content_type     # Type (pdf, json, html, ...)
content_object.to_dict()        # Same as get_content

Custom extractors

class CustomExtractor(BaseExtractor):

    def title(self):
        return self._page.find('title')

PDF extractors

PDF extraction require Grobid service.
Assuming Grobid API runs on http://localhost:8070

from rollet import grobid_service, get_content
from rollet.extractor import PDFExtractor

grobid_service('localhost', '8070')

url = ''

content_dict = get_content(url)

pdf_content_object = PDFExtractor(url)

Reading PDF with BaseExtractor will instanciate PDFExtractor object.

And More!

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