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Deserializer for 64 bit Roaring Bitmaps.

Project description

Deserialize 64 bit roaring bitmaps into a Python set of integers. roroaring64 is a lightweight Python binding on top of the CRoaring library.

Note: roroaring64 has only been testing on Linux, so OSX and Windows users, your mileage may vary.


brotchie@ built this library to deserialized the 64 bit roaring bitmaps turbo-geth uses in its database model.


The roroaring64 module exposes a single method:

def deserialize(serialized: bytes) -> Set[int]:

deserialize takes the byte representation of a 64 bit roaring bitmap serialized from the Go, Java, or C++ reference roaring bitmap implementations. It returns a Python set of all 64 bit integers contained within the input bitmap.

Example Usage

>>> import roroaring64
>>> hex_bitmap = "0100000000000000000000003a300000010000004700040010000000e64ee84ee94eea4eeb4e"
>>> values = roroaring64.deserialize(bytes.fromhex(hex_bitmap))
>>> print(values)
{4673254, 4673256, 4673257, 4673258, 4673259}


$ pip install roroaring64


$ python

Manual Compilation

$ python build_ext -i


Thanks to the authors of CRoaring and to ezibenroc@, the author of PyRoaringBitmap, whose project I looked at to work out Cython packaging.


MIT License

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