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Read-only RosterOn Mobile roster access

Project description

The rosteron module allows read-only access to rostering information in instances of RosterOn Mobile, a workforce management product from Allocate Software.

>>> import rosteron
>>> with rosteron.Session('') as session:
...     session.log_in('joe.bloggs', 'abc123')
...     snapshot = session.get_roster()
>>> print(snapshot)
<Snapshot (time=2019-06-10T08:03:12+00:00, len=19)>
>>> for item in snapshot[:3]:
...     print(item)
<Item (date=2019-06-11, title='ABCDE - Melbourne Office', detail=('10:30 - 18:06', None, 'XYZ', 'Assistant'))>
<Item (date=2019-06-12, title='ABCDE - Melbourne Office', detail=('10:30 - 18:06', None, 'XYZ', 'Assistant'))>
<Item (date=2019-06-13, title='ABCDE - Melbourne Office', detail=('10:30 - 18:06', None, 'XYZ', 'Assistant'))>


  • Roster data includes server-side retrieval timestamps.

  • Sessions automatically log out after use (when used in a with block).

  • Meaningful Python exceptions are raised when problems arise.

  • Requests & responses to/from RosterOn can optionally be logged to files for debugging.


Install this module from PyPI using pip:

pip install rosteron


Bug reports, feature requests, and questions are welcome via the issue tracker.

Issue tracker:


Sample responses from other RosterOn installations

Roster output is minimally structured on the assumption that each RosterOn instance formats its data differently (the author has only seen data from one RosterOn Mobile instance).

Roster response samples from other RosterOn Mobile instances would be very gratefully received, as these may demonstrate uniformity across all instances, which would allow future releases of this module to provide more structured output.

Source code

Pull requests are gratefully received and considered.

GitHub repository:


This project is licensed under the MIT License.

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