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A simple client-side implementation of the RTR RFC8210 protocol in Python

Project description


A simple client-side implementation of the RTR RFC8210 protocol in Python. See Cloudflare’s blogs on RPKI for more open source RPKI code.


Presently the code is easiest to install using pip.

$ pip3 install rpki-rtr-client
$ rtr_client

The pytricia package is used for storing a routing table.


Cloudflare provides an open RTR server at port 8282 based on Cloudflare’s GoRTR open source RTR server.

Usage is via the --help argument.

$ rtr_client --help
usage: rtr_client [-H|--help] [-V|--version] [-v|--verbose] [-h HOSTNAME|--host=HOSTNAME] [-p PORTNUMBER|--port=PORTNUMBER] [-s SERIALNUMBER|--serial=SERIALNUMER] [-t SECONDS|--timeout=SECONDS] [-d|--dump]

The Cloudflare open RTR server default hostname and port are compiled into the source code. You can specify your own host and port via the command line -h|--host and -p|--port arguments.

$ rtr_client --host --port 8282

A modocom of debug information is available to show the serial number and the progress of accepting announce/widthdraw valid ROAs. The code will always show the progress of serial numbers plus the number of valid ROAs associated with that serial number.

DUMP ROUTES: serial=133 announce=130401/withdraw=0

As the protocol continues to sync, the messages show progress on the routing list.

DUMP ROUTES: serial=381 announce=18/withdraw=2
NEW SERIAL 380->381

The . debug message simply mean that PDUs have been transfered between RTR server and RTR client.

Data Files

There’s a data directory created with JSON files of every serial numbers worth of ROA data. The directory is sorted by YYYY-MM and the files include the full date (in UTC).

$ ls -lt data/
total 0
drwxr-xr-x  7 martin martin  224 Feb 11 09:36 2020-02

$ ls -lt data/2020-02
total 21592
-rw-r--r--  1 martin martin  5520676 Feb 16 18:22 2020-02-17-022209.routes.00000365.json
-rw-r--r--  1 martin martin  5520676 Feb 16 18:42 2020-02-17-024242.routes.00000838.json
-rw-r--r--  1 martin martin      412 Feb 16 19:56 2020-02-17-035645.routes.00000841.json
-rw-r--r--  1 martin martin      272 Feb 16 20:16 2020-02-17-041647.routes.00000842.json
-rw-r--r--  1 martin martin      643 Feb 16 20:36 2020-02-17-043649.routes.00000843.json

You can review those files for how many RTR announce/withdraw ROAs were processed.

$ for f in data/2020-02/*.json ; do echo "$f `jq -r '.routes.announce[]|.ip' < $f | wc -l` `jq -r '.routes.withdraw[]|.ip' < $f | wc -l`" ; done
data/2020-02/2020-02-17-022209.routes.00000365.json   128483        0
data/2020-02/2020-02-17-024242.routes.00000838.json   128483        0
data/2020-02/2020-02-17-035645.routes.00000841.json        3        6
data/2020-02/2020-02-17-041647.routes.00000842.json        5        0
data/2020-02/2020-02-17-043649.routes.00000843.json        9        5

You can list the ROAs. A null mean that no MaxLen has been specified in the ROA.

$ jq -r '.routes.announce[]|.ip,.asn,.maxlen' data/2020-02/*0838.json | paste - - - | sort -V | head      13335   null      13335   null      4788    24     65037   null     24514   null     65120   null     65077   null     24514   null     3462    24     4760    null

Additionally, the full list of valid ROAs is dumped into data/routingtable.json which can then be used the show command:

$ rtr_client/
ROUTE            ROA              MaxLen ASN         /17 AS4775
ROUTE            ROA              MaxLen ASN      /24 AS4775

The -l argument will show add more specific ROAs.

The code can also dump the raw binary protocol and then replay that data to debug the protocol with the -d|--dump argument. This generates a data/__________-raw-data.bin file. The command will process that file.


  • This is the first release and while it works, it is not ready for prime time

  • Directory format updated to split by YYYY-MM in case it gets big (plus the serial number may not be sequential)

  • Moved from 3rd party netaddr package to Python’s ipaddress data type

  • All internal cidr’s are stored as ipaddress types and JSON processing now handles that type correctly

  • Added valid route table and show command

  • Renamed to

  • moved code to rtr_client folder

  • Added -V/–version flags

  • Added support for tracking session_id’s

  • Fixed route dump duplication after session restart

  • First pass at pypi packaging

  • Cleaned up route processing

  • Timestamp added to major debug messages

  • Connect class does all the socket processing now - just cleaner that way


Licensed under the BSD 3 License. See LICENSE.txt file.

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