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Read rpm archive files

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Tools for inspecting RPM files in python. This module is modeled after the tarfile module.


$ python -m pip install -U rpmfile

If you want to use rpmfile with zstd compressed rpms, you'll need to install the zstandard module.

zstd also requires that you are using Python >= 3.5

$ python -m pip install -U zstandard


See the tests for more examples.

import rpmfile

with'file.rpm') as rpm:

    # Inspect the RPM headers
    print(rpm.headers.get('arch', 'noarch'))

    # Extract a fileobject from the archive
    fd = rpm.extractfile('./usr/bin/script')

    for member in rpm.getmembers():

Command line usage

You can use rpmfile via it's module invocation or via rpmfile command if your PATH environment variable is configured correctly. Pass --help for all options.

List RPM contents

curl -sfL '' | gzip -d - | python -m rpmfile -l -

Extract files

curl -sfL '' | gzip -d - | rpmfile -xv -

Extract files to directory

curl -sfL '' | gzip -d - | rpmfile -xvC /tmp -

Display RPM information (similar to command rpm -qip in Linux)

curl -sfL '' |gzip -d - | rpmfile -i -
Name        : something
Version     : 1.02
Release     : 1
Architecture: noarch
Group       : default
Size        : 1234
License     : BSD
Signature   : None
Source RPM  : some.src.rpm
Build Date  : Tue Apr  9 08:55:16 2019
Build Host  : demo
URL         :
Summary     : Example of something
Description : 
The description of something.
It can display more than one line.


  • rpmfile.RPMFile: The RPMFile object provides an interface to a RPM archive
  • rpmfile.RPMInfo: An RPMInfo object represents one member in a RPMFile.


The black formater should be used on all files before submitting a contribution. Version 19.10b0.

$ pip install black==19.10b0
$ black .

Code in this module was borrowed from:

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