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Russian names generator

Project description

Library for generation of russian names. Cyrillic and latin alphabet. Useful for test, mocks etc.


Install with pip:

$ pip install russian-names


Import package:

>>> from russian_names import RussianNames

Basic example

Print random name:

>>> RussianNames().get_person()

Владислав Николаевич Ильин


Create batch of persons. Set size in count option.

>>> rn = RussianNames(count=5, patronymic=False, name_reduction=True)
>>> batch = rn.get_batch()
>>> print(batch)

('Л. Ходилова', 'А. Креткова', 'Р. Тишанов', 'И. Закудряев', 'В. Демчин')


Use russian names as generator

>>> rn = RussianNames(count=7, patronymic=False, transliterate=True)
>>> for person in rn:

    Valeriy Forunin
    Pavel Senakosov
    Violetta Scherbovskaya
    Natalya Furshtatova
    Violetta Chuhontseva
    Polina Aksentsova
    Galina Botova


List of options:

option description type default
name   bool True
name_reduction Anna -> A. bool False
name_max_len   int 10
patronymic   bool True
patronymic_reduction Fedorovich -> F. bool False
patronymic_max_len   int 10
surname   bool True
surname_reduction Ivanov -> I. bool False
surname_max_len   int 10
count   int 10
gender   float 0.5
transliterate cyrillic to latin bool False
output_type output data format ‘str’ or ‘list’ or ‘tuple’ or ‘dict’ ‘str’
seed random seed int None
rare use non popular names bool False
uppercase set uppercase to all names bool False

Examples of options

For credit cards:

>>> RussianNames(count=3, patronymic=False, transliterate=True, uppercase=True).get_batch()

For polls:

>>> RussianNames(count=3, surname_reduction=True).get_batch()
    ('Анатолий Юрьевич Ш.', 'Софья Ивановна Т.', 'Валерия Валерьевна Н.')

Only women:

>>> RussianNames(count=3, gender=0.0).get_batch()
    ('Кристина Петровна Тоншина', 'Клавдия Эдуардовна Караулова', 'Лариса Викторовна Короткина')

List of dicts:

>>> RussianNames(count=3, output_type='dict').get_batch()
        {'name': 'Кирилл', 'patronymic': 'Денисович', 'surname': 'Дрожжов'},
        {'name': 'Андрей', 'patronymic': 'Кириллович', 'surname': 'Шувиков'},
        {'name': 'Роман', 'patronymic': 'Евгеньевич', 'surname': 'Малеванкин'}

Get current option

Print options

>>> rn = RussianNames(count=10, gender=0.5, surname_max_len=15,
                      transliterate=True, uppercase=True)
>>> print(rn)

    RussianNames settings:
         name: True
         name_reduction: False
         name_max_len: 10
         patronymic: True
         patronymic_reduction: False
         patronymic_max_len: 10
         surname: True
         surname_reduction: False
         surname_max_len: 15
         count: 10
         gender: 0.5
         transliterate: True
         output_type: str
         seed: None
         rare: False
         uppercase: True


$ pytest -v tests/*


This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the LICENSE.txt file for details

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