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Rwords: A command line tool to help you remember words faster.

Project description

## Rwords
Rwords is a command line tool that helps you remember words quickly.

## quick start
It is recommended to create a virtual environment before use.
#### How to install
$ mkvirtualenv Rword -p python3
$ pip install rwords
#### Let's start
Let's add the ‘word’ to the rwords's memory store.

$ rw a word
If you see ```$ 0 words have been added to memory store.```

Then, learn words

$ rw l
You can see the word and hear it's sound.
[' line ']
Q: Q: [j] 完全不会; [k] 有印象; [l] 认识; [e] 熟悉 (j/k/l/e)

input k

[' line ']
[n.] 线条; 排; 行列; 界线
[vt.] 排队; 用线标出; 沿…排列成行; 给…安衬里
[vi.] 形成一层; 排队; 击出平直球
Q: [t] 答对了; [f] 答错了 (t/f)
Input t

You have successfully completed a review, Rwords has put the word on the review list for the day you you will forget it.

## Usage
A command line tool to help you remember words faster.

rw (a | add) (<Word>... | -r <WordsPath>...)
rw (l | learn)
rw (r | review) [--p=<ReviewPage>] [--o=<ReviewOffset>]
rw (d | dashboard)
rw (-h | --help)
rw --version

Word A word you want to learn.
WordsPath A file with words you want to learn.
ReviewPage A count of review page.
ReviewOffset A count of item on a page.

a add Add words(from files) in your memory store.
l learn Learn a word form memory store.
r review Review all words in memory store.
d dashboard Check out your study analysis results.

-r Select a file(or files) with words.
-p Set the current page count.
-o Set the items count in a page.

-h --help Show help.
-v --version Show version.

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