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Shortcut for most usefull functions, High API, Special Features

Project description

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rx7 Libraryآ  is here to help you make your code shorter!

- High API

- Special Features

- Most Usefull function and methods are collected.

Are you tired of importing lots of module in one script? rx7 can help you a lot

List of Functions:

argv sys.argv (return list of given arguments from terminal)
ABC Parent for classes which have abstractmethods
ABCMeta Metaclass for classes which have abstractmethods

List of Functions:

p() print() function. (Read Doc String)
repeat(function,n) Repeat F_Name function for n times.
rev(v)  (REMOVED 2.4.0) Reverse v and returns it. (Everything like str,list,int)   
read(file) Return content of the file.
write(file,mode,text) Write things you want in file content. (Read Doc String)
Stop code executing for n seconds
It Clears the Terminal
progressbar() In-App Progressbar. (Read Doc String)
cons_integer(Frst,Lst) Return string from Frst to Lst (Read Doc String) (v1.7)
force(tpl,*var) Return tpl with adding var(s) to it.
erase(tpl,*var) Return tpl with removing var(s) from it.
replace(tpl,ind,var) Replace tpl[ind] with var
insert(tpl,ind,var) Set tpl[ind] to var. (Note that tpl[ind] will be tpl[ind+1])
pop(tpl,index) Remove member with index of 'index' from a tuple
wait_for(button) Waits for user to press specific button. 
call_later(func,args,delay) Call func(args) after delay time. 
convert bytes to (KB,MB,GB,TB)
Prompt an input message with default answer (value) (ONLY ON WINDOWS) 
Restart running python program
Return Active Window Title
Open image with default image viewer (Mac OS is not supported)
To download files with memory saver and progressbar
Extract Zip file with password to path
Take a screenshot and save it.
Print information of function
Decorator that raise TypeError if function argument type is wrong (Read Help)
Generator of progressbar() which you can use it to do some stuff between your delays (Read Help)
Return RGB color of pixel[X,Y]
Prompt for a password, with echo turned off.
Return given path (file with any extension) as a Module


List of Classes:

 Class rand:   Random Variable Generator Class.

choose(iter,k,duplicate) Choose k random items from iterable or string.
integer(Frst,Lst) Choose integer in range [Frst,Lst]
O1(decimal_nom=17) Return x in interval [0,1)
number(Frst,Lst) Return x in interval [Frst,Lst]
shuffle(iterable) Return shuffled version of iterable


  Class system:   Some system actions and information.

return account username you have logged in.
Get pid number of terminal and return it.
disk_usage(path) ########
chdir Change directory of terminal.
SHUT_DOWN() Shut Down the PC.
RESTART() Restart the PC.
terminal_size() Return terminal size in tuple  (columns,lines). 
cwd() Return Carrent Working Directory. 
ip_global() Returns Global IP.
ip_local() Returns Local IP.
ram_total() Returns total ram of the system.
ram_used() Returns Used Space of the ram of the system.
ram_free() Returns Available (Free) space of system ram.
boot_time() Return system boot time in seconds since the epoch.
device_name() Returns Device Name
ip_website(url) Returns url ip address
win10_notification() Display windows 10 notification (READ DOCSTRING) (ONLY WIN10 SUPPORTED)
Return the number of logical/physical CPUs in the system
To determine whether Python shell is executing in 32bit or 64bit
Return a list of current running PIDs
pid_exists(pid) Return True if pid exists else False
Return the current CPU utilization as a percentage


  Class files: (Static methods) Actions and information about files.

Return size of the file in byte(s). Also work on directories.
Use this to delete a file (Not folder).
Rename files with this function.
Return absolute path of given path.
exists(path) Return Boolean. If exists True, else: False
Get last modify time of the file.
Get last access time of the file.
move(src,dst) Move file from src to dst. (Read Doc String of copy func)
copy(src,dst,metadata=True) Copy file (with metadata) from src to dst. (Also work on folders)
hide(path) Hide given path. (It can be file or directory.)
read_only(path,mode=True) Make file or folder read-only. (Read Doc String)
read(path) Return content of the path
write(path,text='',...) Same as write function.
isdir(path) Return True for directory and False for others.
isfile(path) Return True for file and False for others.
is_hidden(path) Check whether path is hidden or not
is_readonly(path) Check whether path is readonly or not
search_file(pattern,path,mode) search for pattern in path (Read function doc string)
search_content(path,word) Search for word in all files in path, return list of files that contain word
mkdir(path) Make directory (More than one if its possible!)
generate_tree(dir_path) Returns a visual tree of dir_path
        MEMBERS (Family)  
MEMBERS.all_exactdir List of all things those are in exact directory
List of files which are in exact directory
List of dirs  which are in exact directory
MEMBERS.files_all List of files which are in exact directory and all sub-directories
MEMBERS.files_all_sep List of files which are in exact directory and all sub-directories seprated by their directories
List of directories (Exact dir and all sub-dirs) 
MEMBERS.all_all_sep List  of everything thing in path (exact dir & sub-dirs)


 Class style:    Changing text Color,BG & Style. (Read Doc String)

(from v1.5.0)

Print txt with selected color,BG,style.(Read Doc String)
switch(color,BG,style) Change Terminal Attributes Until another Call.
Restore Terminal Attributes.
log_  (Family)
5 Different Style.print with ready color and style


 Class record:   Record time of a certain actions. (Read Doc String)

__init__() Set Start Time.
self.stop(self) Stops Recording (You can not lap anymore)
self.lap(self, save=True, round=15) Rreturn time between start time. if save==True: add that time to self.laps
self.laps A list that contains all laps you have done
self.reset(self, start=False) Empty self.laps, if start is True: set start time to now
self.last_lap(save=True) Return elapsed time from last lap (save it in self.laps if save is true)


List of Objects:

     object Tuple: It's like built-in tuple except it's faster and it has more features!


            Tuple is here with built-in tuple object and much more features.

            You can add, remove, replace or even use __setitem__ Tuple object.

            I recommend using tuple= rx.Tuple that can make it relay easier for you o work.

         Supports:   indexing - len - hash  - bool - __add__ 

Tuple(*var,one=False) Create Tuple object with *var members
self.add(*vars) Add *vars to self
self.force(*vars) self.add
self.remove(*vars) Remove *vars from self (Ignore it if it's not in self).
self.erase(*vars) self.remove
self.replace(ind,var) Replace self[index] with var. (index can be int or anything thats in self
self.pop(ind) Remove member with index of 'index' from self
self[index]=var Set self[index] to var. (Like lists) (it does not replace)


 Class Decorator:   Useful decorators you might want to use

Check_Type Decorator that raise TypeError if function argument type is wrong (Read Help)
overload Make your function accept different kind of argument and structure with defining it more than once
attach_to_all Attach Decorator.decorator_all to all functions of a class (Class decorator)
abstractmethod A decorator indicating abstract methods.


Recommended to:

- Using an IDE that shows Function and Class Help is highly recommended. (VS Code - PyCharm)

- Using "from rx7 import FUNC_or_CLASS"

- Using "import rx7 as rx"


آ Upgrade: ---------

               pip install --upgrade rx7

Use These Commands in Terminal:

        آ $ rx7 color (To show help for style class)

        آ $ rx7 help (To open this page that contains help)

Versions Information:

آ  آ  آ  آ  Releases are like this:آ  آ  آ  آ  1.0.0

آ                                             1.1.1

آ                                             آ  آ â‹®

آ                                             1.2.0

    First number is very important bacause it's for Realy Big new features and changes.

    Second number is important but not like first number because it contains some changes and new features (RECOMMENDED for upgrading package)

    But 3rd number is not important because it's for changing packege codes order and you won't lose anything if youآ  آ  آ  آ  don't install it.

    Numbers are not always in order like: 1,2,3,4,...آ  , Some times they are different like:,..._


(+ for new features, * for changes)

Version Release Date New Features & Changes


+ Decorator Class (attach_to_all --- Check_Type)
+ argv (sys.argv)
- Record.EndError
+ overload (Decorator.overload)


+ Decorator Class (attach_to_all --- Check_Type)
+ pop()
+ Tuple.pop()
+ Record.timeit()


+ getpass()
+ style.log_ Family
+ style.reset() = style.switch_default()
+ load_module()
+ record.last_lap()


+ system.cpu_percent()
+ system.pid_exists()
+ Progressbar() (Generator)
+ pixel_color()


+ Check_Type decorator
+ system.pyshell_execute_bit()
+ system.pids()
+ record.lap round arg


* rand -> random
+ random.shuffle()
+ repeat function supports parameters
+ sleep = wait   ---   clear = cls   ---   default_input = Input
+ system.cpu_count()



+ extract()

+ screenshot()

+ func_info()



+ download()

+ system.ip_website()

+ system.win10_notification



* style class better performance in linux

MEMBERS group in files class

+ File object:  self.basename, self.ext

+ system.device_name()

active_window_title() --- open_image()



+ Tuple object   ---   rxobject

+ record.reset()   ---   record.lap new arg

+ New methods of files

      files.is_readonly()   ---   files.is_hidden()

      files.search_file()   ---   files.search_content()

      files.copy new arg


+ File.MEMBERS (when in File(path), path is a directory  (self.MEMBERS.TYPE_PATH)

+ File.tree    ---     File.tree_dirs

+ Input()  (Only on windows)

+ restart_app()


1.9.0   06/09/2020

* re() --> repeat()

+ New Methods of System Class:  ip_global(), ip_local(), ram_free(), ram_percent(), ram_total(), ram_used(), boot_time()

+ convert_bytes()

1.8.0 05/24/2020
+ style.switch_default()
+ Now Linux supports cls()
+ style object: supports multiply,add,index
+ rand.choice Choose >1 & duplicate
* rand.choice --> rand.choose
1.7.0   05/08/2020
+ call_later()  -  wait_for()
+ terminal_size()  -  cwd()
+ right_port,left_port arg for progressbar()
+ file.remove() for static usage
+ self.type in file class
+ if in file(x), x is a directory:
x.files , x.file_list , x.all_files , x.all_files_sep
+ file.isdir() , file.isfile() for static usage.
* string() => cons_int()
* progressbar() arg names
* file.delete() and file.delete_dir() => delete()
* Change replace() and insert() args oreder
1.5.0 04/21/2020
+ 'replace' and insert 'functions' for tuples
+ 'end' arg for style.print()
+ 'self.laps' in record class will display all laps
* style.text => style.print
* record.stop => record.lap
* now 'record.stop()' will stop recording.
1.3.0  04/08/2020
+ __init__ & read & write & content  func of file class
* Prgoressbar default args




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